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The Dragon-Wolf in Nepal: “Nepal stops Tibetan refugees from celebrating Dalai Lama’s birthday”


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Tibetans ran from the Chinese-wolf and mostly abandoned Tibet. Now the Chinese pursue them because wolves always pick off the weakest first. Sorry…but I don’t wave Tibetan prayer flags and chant about their wisdom and holiness.

We sponsored a resistance (Khampa people) and even trained some in Colorado. I first came across the story when I was deep in Nepal in 2002. Back then, the story was not well known. Today, you can find plenty online and there is a documentary that I bought during my last trip to Kathmandu.

Parts of Colorado look like Tibet — I’ve been to both the area we trained them in Colorado, and to Tibet — they do look very similar.

But we canceled that support when Nixon was smooching with China. In a nutshell (a thin shell), we were using Nepal sort of like — vaguely speaking — we used Pakistan to support Muj (not Taliban — do not confuse Muj with Talibs) against Soviets during the Russian (USSR) war in Afghanistan. Again, that is a very vague approximation. CIA people who were involved may toss yellow caution flags on my quick generalization, but that is approximately a good comparison.

Fact is, Dalai Lama ran away from the Chinese wolf. He prayed for Americans to fight his fight. Tibetans ran to India, and I went there to where they stay as well. And too Nepal. And I went there to India, Nepal, and Tibet, and spoke with plenty of Tibetans.

Some fly prayer flags in USA and Europe. Some Americans like to pretend to be enlightened because they know some Tibetans and have a singing bowl and some pretty flags. I’ve got the flags and bowl, too. Nice and pretty. But they don’t kill Chinese soldiers.

Americans are not going to fight for Tibet or people who do not fight for themselves. Lesson there for Hong Kong and Taiwan. If Taiwan and Hong Kong put up sufficient fight, Americans have much leverage to bring to bear and support. And a lot of us believe Taiwanese and Hong Kongers are worth fighting for and beside. I am one of them.

Tibetans ran from the wolf-dragon. And now the predator follows. That is what predators do. You run. They pursue.

As for Nepalese, China will take Nepal inch by inch. Generation by generation. They will breed you down into oblivion and into minority status. Give the Chinese 50 years at this pace and Nepal will be another Tibet. Watch.

We must crack CCP now.

You Nepalese Maoists are fools to roll out the carpet to Chinese communists and to allow them to pursue Tibetans in Nepal.

Chinese will eat you all in Nepal.

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