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The Last 8 Books I read on Famine

The Last 8 Books I read on Famine

10 October 2022
London, England
Mind Burst

Famines that happen to illiterate people get less attention. Presumably, because they are illiterate. Entire civilizations arrive and vanish leaving no more trace than a grasshopper. If only trees were big enough to catch people in sap we could have more idea of how our ancestors dressed or did not dress, and what was left in their stomachs.

Most famines, pandemics, and wars leave no more evidence than an average wave crashing on an average beach in some far-off place in space, and time.

A relative handful are written. We write far more about war than about pandemics and famine. Perhaps because there is glory to be had in war while glory in a pandemic might — just might — be shared by a single courageous researcher such as John Snow.

In war, there is Glory. Medals. Parades. Statues. National Anthems. But we never hear about Yellow Fever in the American national anthem. Though Yellow Fever and its siblings shaped America as much as any war, by far. I could mount a sound argument that Yellow Fever shaped current America more than any specific war including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, or both World Wars.

I could easily mount that argument and might just pass the cross-examination of serious historians. The argument being that Yellow Fever alone — no mention of smallpox, cholera, and on — was as important to the current American condition as any war. Maybe, maybe not, but the argument would be sound and it would withstand much abuse and pokes and prods and I guarantee people would come through that trial realizing how important a Pandemic, such as Yellow Fever, has been in shaping the entire world.

—my apology for not editing any of this…i must rush to write this due to some incoming calls—-

Likewise with famine. I’ve read hundreds of books on war. About 60 on the pandemic, 20 on famine. Despite that famine and pandemics are easily as important in human affairs as war, and in fact these three things cannot be separated. The Bible itself makes that clear. So this is not some new discovery. This is old wisdom. There is a reason these old Holy books last so long and it’s not due to leathery covers.

Interestingly, the thing that led me back to paying close attention to the Bible is due to reading so much other work. And then realizing someone wrote down the essence far more poetically, more succinctly, so long ago, in another language. The Four Horsemen.

I can go on for hours trying to explain the essence of things that were written in mere sentences so long ago. I read 80 books on pandemics and famine, and hundreds on war, to basically come to the same conclusions our elders wrote down.

How did I know in January 2020 we were in grave danger of severe famine? And I started yelling daily since then? Was it from reading all these books and running off to wars and troubles all over? Not really. It came from just understanding the simple truth of the Four Horsemen

That said, you can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge that will be helpful in the coming decade by reading just five books on famine. These are the last eight I read. I include WHEN MONEY DIES because this book on economics, or whatever it was really about, doubles as an excellent book on famine. There are a lot of lessons from WHEN MONEY DIES. All of these lessons contain tons of lessons, and you will see a lot of surprises that will become extremely helpful in 2023/24, and more.

READ UP…and get your network reading and discussing lessons.

I got to hit these calls. I was just pulling these titles together because Steve Bannon asked a few hours ago but I got sidetracked. Better send it to Steve and hit the calls.

Study to win.









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  1. Michael,

    Thank you so much for this list of books. I have ordered two so far. I also heard your interview with Mike Adams. Very informative.

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