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The Myth of “If Only He knew,” or “When he finds out this will end…”

15 May 2022
Panama City, Central America
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

It’s a myth. Someone sent me a link from Dr. Chris Martenson from his work he calls “Peak Prosperity.” The man is brilliant. Courageous, too. He says things that are not to be spoken and has accrued an amazing track record of being far ahead of the curve. Up there with Bannon on a lot of stuff.

The link about Chris Martenson was titled, I GIVE UP. Video Link Here.

I knew that title was bullshit. People like Dr. Martenson might get tired. They might get weary. They may need to sit down under a tree for a spell. But they don’t give up. They don’t quit. Winners don’t quit. Winners sometimes get beaten but they don’t just quit because their spirits are down.

So I had to click the link to see what possessed Dr. Martenson to put that nonsense title.

He gave up on thinking the government would see the light and change their ways. Maybe he reads my work but I doubt it. It seems Dr. Martinson has come around to a paradigm more aligned with my own. This is not incompetence. They know what they are doing. This is war.

Old proverbs and sayings can be very useful branches, thought-shortcuts, to help just get to accurate answers quickly. But those same sayings can be traps. This is one reason it’s better to use a dumb Bloodhound while tracking men than to use a very smart Border Collie.

Firstly, the Bloodhound has a better nose — AND USES IT. The Bloodhound just follows the facts that its senses detect. Follows the evidence. Border Collies often follow their memories. Lassie (well, not a Border Collie) remembers the last man she found was in a ditch, and so Lassie runs around checking all the ditches. Lassie was last seen disappearing over the horizon checking a long ditch.

Lassie is using the equivalent shortcut of “never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to incompetence.” And they look with those brilliant eyes barking, “See! I know the shortcut to wisdom!” Meanwhile, the dumb Bloundhound in the last hour found a missing child, tree’d a kidnapper, got on the trail of a female Bloodhound, and sired a new litter all while Lassie is still running down the ditches knowing she’s going to get that guy. Lassie tracks with her eyes and memory. Bloodhound tracks the available evidence and is equivalent to a weapon’s system.

The evidence is clear. We are under attack. When I say this, the Lassies typically say, “Never attribute to malice what can be found in a ditch.”

Dr. Martenson is all about evidence, evidence, evidence. Like Bannon. Show me the footprint. Show me the cigarette butt. Show me the sand on the stone he stepped on when jumping across the creek. The spore is clear. The trail is clear. We are under attack. This is not incompetence.

We are at war. In war, you must use your full brain. Your full self. You cannot always wait for all the evidence. You must make intuitive leaps quickly. Part Bloodhound, part Lassie. Quick to test and discard assumptions that fail a scratch. Daily reshaping paradigms.

We are at war. OGUS is pushing us into Famine. The evidence is clear.

The screenshot attached is from a book I recommend titled MAO’S GREAT FAMINE. Many Chinese appear to have harbored the same delusions that many Americans cling to. Do you think this Baby Formula thing is incompetence? I published somewhere on my own Locals page that OGUS would attack babies. Because this is the pattern of such tyrants.

The biggest threat to Americans is no longer CCP, and certainly not Russia other than thermonuclear war, but OGUS. CCP is staggering around just now. To be sure, CCP survived Mao’s Famine and the Great Leap into Hell and may well survive this. CCP would present only a moderate to minor threat if not due to generations of OGUS and corporate treachery.

This all is coming to an explosive head. The United States faces a real and proximate threat of famine by 2023-24. IF OGUS were a legitimate government serving the people, our threat of famine would rank somewhere on the order of threat of supervolcano or massive asteroid strike. Or creating a war with Russia and running that for all it’s worth, up to the possible release of hydrogen bombs in which case it was great knowing you.

I am down here in Panama and can say with clarity that comes dry season in December/January when the Darien jungles are easier to cross when famine is ripping across Africa and many other places, we may see literally millions of people come through here and blow right across the US borders.

Baby formula? Lol. You can take the Haitians out of Haiti but some of these thugs will be taking homes by force.

Plant a garden. Clean your rifle. We are on our own.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. S2 underground has a video out about “5th Gen Warfare.” His point very much supports these words.

    That is, the world is currently at war. The sooner peoples paradigms changes to this fact the sooner they can begin to take proactive actions.

    Dozens of Food factories on fire? I’ve heard all the “reasons” why this isn’t apart of the new world war…“Must be a machine failure” “must be poor safety inspections,” “must be….incompetence.”

    Micheal warned us when the first shot was fired, and told us that disease, war, and famine always shows up together.

    In our current times the war was on before the disease was used as a weapon. Many of us did not identify the enemy correctly in those beginning days…yet people are waking up that the enemy is global so not have borders or nations that they hold allegiance to and that many are here in America too.

    Now onto the weapon of famine as Micheal has said would happen for the last 2 years.

    I’m sure more viruses will be used along with the potential of other “false flag” attacks. They are trying to break us but will fail.

  2. “Comrade Stalin doesn’t know…”

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