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Heart Dump From the Frontlines

02 February 2023
Panama invasion corridor

Heart Dump, Sans edit

I made this video at Puerto Limon in Darien Gap as this group emerged. Most are military aged males.

Every day I am with them I see a sprinkling among the masses — a few who appear dangerously insane. And another sprinkling of obvious predatory males. This is true here in Darien, and the US/Mexico border.

This group appears okay.

Photo: Most migrants are military age males. Many from Afghanistan and China.

I did not see any craziness among this group in the about 30 mins I spent with them. As of today, about 1,000/day are flowing through Darien Gap from more than one hundred countries.

This is funded in many ways. Mostly from our pockets to UN/IOM, World Food Program, Red Cross, and more. ‘Migrants’ often also pay, though an Afghan in this group told me someone in America is paying his way. Some of the Indians said they paid 20k USD each, while some Chinese said they paid 7k.

After successfully getting Ben Bergquam and Oscar Blue through all this and back to America, with help from Chuck Holton I hired two Chinese translators and headed straight back to Darien. (Thanks to donations). Both Chinese are fluent in English and Spanish. One speaks Cantonese and the other Mandarin. All the migrants spoke Mandarin. None spoke Cantonese. We gathered much information.

This is an obvious invasion force. Most of them likely have no idea yet. As a former Green Beret, and having spent many years in many wars and conflicts, and an equal time with nose in history books — this all is amazingly clear.

My estimation: They will later be armed with phones. Many will be assembled in camps within USA. Most will be left to the wilds.

They will be indoctrinated to hate white folks — including Asians, and anyone else seen as ‘white’, such as blacks who are not wildly racist against whites. When Stalin did similar in Ukraine before and during the great famine, this phase of genocide was called “kulakisation.” They labeled people they wanted to exterminate as ‘kulaks.’ Jews will be familiar with the process. Historically speaking, this is common. In America, you are labeled racist.

These terms generally are fuzzy and made to velcro onto anyone for anything. People who were weaponized against kulaks, Jews, and so many others in history, are made to hate the target group. And they are armed and without rules. After they are ready and armed, their food will be cut off. They will come with guns and knives for your food and for your women.

Their reward is to kill the men, rape the women, boys, and girls, and steal all your everything including life. They will burn and torture for fun, sport, hatred, and because many were raised in savagery to begin with.

This all has been done many times. This is not conspiracy theory. This is Real History repeating.

The invaders will be organized by ethnicity. Haitians with Haitians, Cubans with Cubans, Chechens with Chechens, etc with etcetera.

After the killing is done, many of them will be killed. Because they are useful idiots, and nobody wants those savages around. Especially not the ‘elite’ who facilitated the invasion and organisation. This is the way these things go. The elite want slaves and spoils. These so-called migrants will kill millions of they are not stopped. Watch. When the food and power go out. It will be kill or be killed.

There will be no option for most people to sit this one out.

I have been warning since January 2020 to prepare for famine. Sounded crazy back then. Now it’s common knowledge famines are coming. I warned early in 2020 — long before the first fake-vax, not to take the poison. As you see, that was dead accurate.

I warn from the depths of my heart. We are going to war. The Beast has long announced it is coming for us. We are scheduled for the ovens. You are at war. The Beast is vulnerable. Part of The Beast meets in Davos each year, but those are only the useful fools. Not the Brains. Klaus Schwab is toilet paper of The Beast. Greta is a meat puppet. As are Trudeau, Rutte, Biden, Harris, and many more. They are nothings to The Beast.

This has been a heart dump, sans edit.


In closing, another reality: I live on the frontlines thanks to your support. I greatly need it. Many methods:


Loaded: 38.90%

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.


  1. Hi Michael, we spoke when I was in Afghanistan the 2nd time, 2010 to 2011.
    Didn’t get my pilots license yet. I’ve been saying exactly what you said describing the purpose and reason they are coming. It’s part Cloward Piven and mainly communist party of America. Glad I’m in Montana.

  2. Consistent excellent journalism. We are all so blessed by you. Thank you, dear Michael. Thank you. God protect you.

  3. So if Klaus and Co are puppets or “toilet paper” for the Beast…then who is the Beast itself?

  4. Godspeed.

  5. Great job and investigations Yon

  6. Not fare from the reality

  7. Yep, Jews will be familiar with the this…because Bolshevik Jews killed more than 60 million Christians during the Holodomor. Stalin’s mother was a Jew (see her gravesite). Jewish controlled Wall Street bankrolled the Red Revolution in Christian Russia.

  8. All nations that forget God will be turned into hell, according to the Bible.

  9. Just sent out this article to Doug Hagmann and others with websites or radio shows. There are so few that are informed, majority will remain unconcerned just like warnings for the covid shots being ignored.

  10. America is full of cowards, most will do nothing, give up their kids and the wussified men will likely cower in a closet or under a tree. The womena re so busy texting their friends and social media. Boomers will go down fighting, many Viet nam vets. America is off the rails and fallen into the ashes of history because of sell out presidents and congress. State dept is Marxist scum.

  11. Thank you.

  12. Preach on brother. May God protect you a watchman and meet your needs. We are bracing the best we know how for events we can not imagine will come to us.

  13. Anyone paying attention understands what is about to happen.

    Interestingly, the Mormon Church has been preparing for just such an event, which all Mormons are taught is imminent, since it’s restoration by Joseph Smith nearly 200 years ago.

    When I was a kid during the 1960s, the Church instructed all of its members to store enough food to sustain them for 2 years as this is the length of time that it will take to restore food production. As I got older, it became a year, then 6 mos. and more recently 3 mos. The Church has diligently grown and stored food. The have their own food processing centers, trucking lines and stores with enough food prepared to sustain their entire population in the US for 2 years+. Rural areas could take up to 3 mos. for distribution…thus the reason behind everyone having 3 mos. with on hand.

    This years motto says If you are prepared, you shall not fear.

  14. You left out the prescribed extra doses of Gamma rays that will end Sodom & Gomorrah USA forever.
    Let’s REMEMBER what evil empire, Democrats and Republicans, made once Bicycle Economy China into the threat it is today.

  15. Either the border patrol shoot them or we patriots will have to, to keep our neighborhoods safe. If we catch them casing our neck of the woods, we’ll also take them out. My-York-Ass has no flippin idea what is going on at our border and doesn’t care because that is what he is told to do, or act.

    This has got to stop or we may have to aggregate our own militia and do the job the Border Patrol can’t or won’t do. Once we take out one string of humans the rest will have second thoughts of trying to demand entry to America. We don’t care if the world screams at our inhumanity to man. THIS IS WAR MY FRIENDS AND IF YOU DON’T GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS OUR FUTURE AS A NATION IS IN PERIL !!!

  16. I hear you loud and clear, unfortunately what you speak is the absolute truth. Things are coming into play,that they carefully planned so very long ago, patient and calculated. They are playing the pieces now.
    myself and others have been trying to teach others skills, freeze drying there own food for 30year shelf life. Canning, bushcraft, go bags,eqipment,self defense, opsec.
    Three families are now heavily vested and now working with another church, and a small group is now learning. Educate your neighbors and your friends, prepare to thrive,not survive. There will be dark days, there will be violence, but there will also be strongholds of freedom, babies will still be coddled by there mothers, men will still hold there wives, and we will still need to praise the lord amidst the storm…
    Great journalism, may God keep you safe in the storm.


  17. We have two more votes,were not a democracy.

    are we not the salt of the earth. Salt by nature, is an element that kills and elimanates the germs of corruption.
    By a breif & basic reading of the instructions -directions to my Constitutional Representative form of gov-w/a three vote rule-a 3vote system, a commonlaw, 7th Amen & bater type o f system (article1 sect 10) Now you will see a firm firm foundation in the declaration of indepenance & the Preamble to the U.S.C.on these Firm F Fs you will see Pillars, these Pillars are we the pps artices & amens. Wethe peoples article & amend are under attack.!!!
    Apostle Paul teaches in 1 Thessalonians 5:23that we are of three parts, tri-partites,he mensions the spirit first, then the soul, then the body,remember we are a living tabernacle for the Lord&the tabernacle has three parts, theouter court, the Hollies &theHollies of Hollies.lets look at the body,(Rep the outercourt),the body, I C, U,- the body is where the 5 senses are, the body, LOOK at us,This is under attack,The soul(Rep the Hollies)part of the tabernacle,the soul =our mind,will & emotion, look at all THE BIG lies REPeated,Look at the police state on top of police state,(no disrespect to the Common Law enforcer) ( More on that)the soul, this is under attack,and now the spirit (Rep the Hollyest of Holly) the spirit is our intuition,concience,the love of fellowship,singing hyms,isnt there a war in the heaven & on earth this in under attack.
    Lets look at what 1776 did bring us. First three quick one liners to get u in the mood.
    1. stand for something or fall for anything ,or everything in todays dark dark atmosphere,&enviroment.
    2 Until we all get on the same page from the same book ,s , We are going to be divided.
    3. best for last; if u want it done right, then do it your self.
    ok lets look at what 1776 did bring us,Declamation of Indapendance- if i may God lays a foundation,and another builds opon it.

  18. so define the beast

  19. Well done green beret

  20. Your reports are the best I have seen on the internet. I first heard you on Mike Adams’ program and your truth and honesty really impressed me

  21. We are listening YON, We are preparing, We are listening

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