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This is Global 1848

05 September 2022
Somewhere, Netherlands

The 1840s were knowns as “the hungry 40s.” Soon we enter the Hungry 20s.

In 1848 the seal burst along with revolutions around Europe. The Zeitgeist and conditions were ripe for Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to plant poison seeds. And the seeds were sown and the kudzu of communism/socialism must still today be fought every day lest boys and girls not yet at puberty be given ‘the right’ to undergo genital mutilation while Canada, as I write these words, openly engages in mass Soylent Green-style euthanasia. This all is derivative of mass brainwashing and control.

Today, we enter a Hungry Twenties and a new Global 1848. The outcome will only be ‘known’ by future generations as they read faked or incompleted historical accounts of ‘settled history.’

From the linked article, “ My Romanian contact says that the people in his country are now beginning to stir with fear and resentment against their elites. Michael Yon calls this a “Global 1848”.

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  1. Hi Michael, great content as per usual, in your opinion are there safe zones that may not be hit as hard or do you believe this is global in scope. I’m preparing and have been for some time… part of that prep is choosing a location to live. Thank you

  2. Hi Michael, just listened to your interview with Mike Adams and heard the one with Jordan Peterson too. Hearing so much about likely famine in Europe but I’m wondering what you think will happen in Australia where we have a smaller population and are less reliant on imported food. Am prepping in any case, keen to know your thoughts. Thanks.

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