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Tippity Top General attempts to Deceive Congressman (in writing)


On two occasions, Mr. Panetta did not respond to Mr. Akin.  On the second occasion, Mr. Panetta passed the buck back to General Dempsey, the Chairman of the JCS.  General Dempsey’s response to Mr. Akin avoided the most important questions.  General Dempsey’s response was also demonstrably deceptive.  General Dempsey clearly states that he is responding on behalf of Secretary Panetta, meaning that Mr. Panetta endorses the deception.

With that realization, we have exhausted the military chain of command.  And so this has finally become a matter for the Commander in Chief:  President Obama.

If General Dempsey has provided a briefing to President Obama that parallels what we see below, General Martin Dempsey should be fired.  If in good faith President Obama should make the mistake of repeating this from General Dempsey, at best he will look clueless to most combat veterans.

Despite those who wish to politicize this, the MEDEVAC problems did not arise under the watch of President Obama.  They’ve been going on for years.  I believe that if President Obama is properly informed, he will intervene.

President Obama: Please speak with Congressman Todd Akin in private, and with experienced Army Dustoff and Air Force Pedro pilots, before saying anything on this subject publicly.  If you speak to Mr. Akin and to those pilots, you will know the truth.

The duplicitous letter from General Dempsey:


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