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Today Lithuania: Unknown Iraqi Woman Suffering from Unknown Something

I made this video today at a migrant detention camp near the border of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland.

‘Migrants’ from dozens of countries have been weaponized by the Belarus dictator who has gone Full-Erdogan and is maliciously importing thousands of migrants and pumping them into Lithuania.

I’ve interviewed dozens of migrants from a dozen countries. None realized they were tricked by Belarus and that EU has no intention of granting asylum to most.

Many migrants are terrible ill or wounded. Today, two men showed me horrific war wounds. One still requiring bandages. It’s a wonder they are alive.

None are vaccinated with a test vaccine for China virus. Likely many of the migrants I meet are not vaccinated against anything, ever.

This Yezidi lady was in distress. Ambulance took her away. I should know more about her condition tomorrow.

Many of the migrants I spoke with today are Yezidi. These are some of the relatively uncommon sort who likely really are escaping war. Most migrants I meet are open they are tracking the cash, but Yezidi might actually have legit asylum requests.
You know how much I like Yezidi. In Iraq, I went to their villages without Soldiers and Yezidi would welcome me in and feed me.

I do not see Yazidi as any national security threat to United States. I feel very safe with Yezidi. I used to tell US military pilots that if their aircraft goes down in Yezidi country, our crew would be having lunch wirh Yezidi before search and rescue arrives. Just chill out and have lunch.

There are other migrants I don’t want anywhere near US forces or citizens. Some come across as someone you don’t want as your neighbor, or on the same continent.

Lithuanians are taking care of the migrants for now but a flood of migrants are incoming. Lithuania will be overwhelmed. Lithuania will need as much help as the migrants. Naturally, some migrants are complaining about the free food. Same in Panama.

Huge trouble is brewing. EU and United States need to get over here to Lithuania immediately. Some of these migrants are — you can smell trouble coming. Others are legit.

Either way, Europe and US continue to inject war into our demographics. At this rate, just a matter of time before migrants with zero loyalty are in elected, and in other positions, and in control of our fantastically powerful military. It’s not hard to imagine, and you don’t need to try.

God Bless Yezidi people. I hope the Yezidi lady is okay and not contagious.

Thank you for your financial support. Because I need it to do this work.

Check out the video over on the Locals post:

Michael Yon

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