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Tuberculosis, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan – The Beast

26 April 2023
Panama, Central America

In a private chat, a wise man asked about my misgivings of Joe Rogan. The following mind-dump sans-edit includes my response to the private group, and more I just added. I have time to write because I am unwell to return to the jungle just yet. Maybe three more days, then back in action.

Mind-dump without edit:

Please correct me if wrong: Rogan tapped out when he allowed his archives to be censored. Separately, Rogan plays hard into the CCP information game, pushing substance abuse to young people. I have no way of knowing his intent, but he currently enjoys a massive platform.

As someone who lives and breathes information war on the frontlines around the world and having written three books (published only in Japanese) on information war, I know information war when I see it.

We are literally at war. Not just information war but physical war. There are people on this list who almost certainly will lose their lives in the coming years. Who? I do not know.

There is an interesting novel from 1821 called The Spy. About the Revolutionary War. The Spy was written when men were not sitting around smoking dope talking about what they will do when the Cow Boys (British) were actually in their yards. By the time the Cow Boys get to your yard, it’s over.

We are being invaded. We are at war. You will either stand now or lose everything. CLOSE THE BORDER. BLOCK IT.

I am watching hundreds of thousands come through Darien Gap. And that is just this corridor. There are many corridors. Tens of thousands of Chinese this year through Darien Gap alone.

Most are military-aged males. Many are sick. Four out of six on our two teams somehow got sick on this trip. I just pulled out of the jungle to repair, sent everyone home and I am going back alone when I am finished being sick. What are we all suddenly sick with? We don’t know. But it’s coming your way.

Many “migrants” appear to come from various Chinese intelligence organizations such as Public Security (like FBI), MSS (like CIA), and GS from the PLA (paramilitary). We have specific reasons to think this.

Public Security is setting up “police stations” around the world. I recently was at a Chinese Public Security police station in London and another in Dublin. Implications are severe. They conduct overseas kidnappings, among other things.

Everyone wants to be a hero until it’s time to do hero shit.

Our military is shattered. Manhood is shattered among a significant portion of American “males.” Otherwise, the southern border would be closed whether or not the government wants it so.

Torpedoes into our social hull. While Joe Rogan and others rake in the dough and enjoy being famous for now, their doom builds. They are creating their own doom. One way or another, eventually they will be canceled and possibly killed. Jedburgh Teams are crossing our borders and are already across the land. Witness the fires.

Now is the time to toss the bong and bottle and man-up.

Child and other trafficking through Darien Gap and across our borders is severe. Worse than a bad movie.

Diseases such as multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis are spreading into communities around America. Consumption. As you read old books on paper you will constantly stumble across throwaway sentences such as, “The General, weakened by consumption,” or “Departed Scotland to San Francisco and to the Pacific islands in search of fine air to combat the consumption.” Endless. Two of President Nixon’s brothers died of consumption. The list is enormous.

In the book THE REMEDY, a book detailing the quest to defeat Tuberculosis, the author posits a billion people may have perished from TB since its discovery so long ago.

Tuberculosis is up there with the likes of smallpox, yellow fever, typhus, and the black death. Even the vaunted “Spanish Flu” pandemic was a squall compared with the typhoon-sized big guys such as tuberculosis. A more powerful sort of tuberculosis is spreading across our borders every minute. We are under invasion by — literally by bacteria, viruses, and more, against which our bodies are naive. Not to mention a replacement population — most are disposable useful idiots — and paramilitary sorts.

Search online for the deadliest diseases the returns are mostly farcical. Listing items such as “covid” as the “pandemic of a century” and so forth. Of course, this was mostly an information war, as we see today with the “shocking” news of potential polio release in Sudan. I’ve read several books on polio to understand it better, a couple of books on ebola, and will say my concern for those bugs going full-chainsaw across the globe appear tiny. They will be useful scare tools.

You will see among the deadliest diseases the big guys like Rabies. I read a fascinating book on Rabies called RABID. Highly recommend. Rabies is extremely deadly to humans. If a person is symptomatic with rabies chances of death are almost 100%. Like getting shot in the chest with a cannon. Only chance of survival is if the cannon fails to fire. Among these online “deadliest diseases” lists are distractions and more information war, priming the collective mind for more control measures and population reduction. Truly deadly diseases — the ones that actually kill huge numbers of people — are set to make a comeback, just as typhus. Chinese have been weaponizing dengue and mosquito-spreading drones.

I digress. This is a mind-dump sans-edit; I am still sick, waiting for symptoms to clear so I can return to the jungle and then to Texas to witness the invasion unfolding as Title 42 is dropped in May.

To be clear. I am not trying to make new friends or new enemies though this surely will make more enemies. I was just on Fox last week after many years of not being invited on. Little doubt I will not be invited again.

The firing of Tucker Carlson: Many people apparently saw “Tucker” as the cup of clean, pure water amid the cesspool of the Corporate Disinformation Outlets (CDOs) that operate under the euphemism of “mainstream”.

Numerous of my friends communicate directly with Tucker on a regular basis, and some will see this and perhaps be displeased. But I literally live on the frontlines, always. Those in Texas have seen me sleep on floors or in chairs for weeks and months at a time. Other times, it’s jungle or desert or wild-places where I dare not sleep. And other times nice hotels with hot water. Always downrange. Beyond the Pale. Beyond caring about hurt feelings. MY United States is being destroyed. MY country is being destroyed.

And so “blue-pillers” say, “What about Joe Rogan? He speaks the truth!”

There is another disease destroying America more completely than any virus. These diseases are alcohol and other chemicals that are dumbing down and destroying Americans even while we are being destroyed. Look at Hunter Biden. Traitor. Drug addict.

Rape of the Mind.

During the lockdowns, you could buy all the whiskey you please without interruption. But church was verboten. The Beast is IN YOUR FACE. The Beast is NOT immortal. The Beast CAN be smashed and fed to the fish.

I did not, and do not see Tucker Carlson as a mysterious pure glass of water lifted from the cesspool. How is it that Tucker could have raked in all that dough over the years from the cesspool, swim daily in the cesspool, yet remain a pure glass of water? The pool is filled with cholera. Now that he might be free, Tucker Carlson can go old-school and do truly bad-assed work. Outside the studio on the frontlines where the iron-crosses grow.

Joe Rogan. People tell me, “Joe is independent.” Makes no sense. Joe Rogan exists within the Ecosystem. The Matrix. Rogan is not Red Pilled. Rogan hawks blue pills. More of a “Let’s get drunk and talk shit” lullaby. The attack is not subtle.

Rape of the Mind. Read the book. Now.

Or the “Bourbon with” whatever his name is show. Have you noticed how many of these top voices are pushing drugs? Take Scott Adams. Another man-boy. Rich beyond most imaginations. Throwing tantrums. Talking about the drugs he did that morning and so on.

We are at war with sober, strong people, who are pushing bottles of whiskey and dope. More Opium Wars. More firewater for the Red Man. Dumb him down. Vanish him. Fight him with whiskey and soma. Indians sleeping on the road. His family cracks. He cracks. Hunter Biden.

Rape of the Mind. Read the book. Now.

Rogan comes on his show, openly drunk and pushing drugs. Yet down here in the hot, wild jungles of Darien Gap, I see hundreds of thousands of fit men essentially passing “Darien Gap Ranger School” to get to America. Literally stepping over dead and dying bodies to get into our country. These are not weak boy-males like Scott Adams, who threatens to toss a printer out the window because it does not work. They carry their wounded.

They have a look in their eye.

Eye of the tiger. Alert. Aggressive.

Chinese in particular, are clearly are on a mission and are especially monied and intelligent.

They are men in-full, sweating testosterone. While effete bearded-boys (as Japanese say) like Peter Zeihan and Neil deGrasse Tyson are nothing more than paid actresses. Children who will be destroyed and replaced by the testosterone coming across the border.

It does not matter how much MMA and all that a person does when he opens the doors to millions of men who come with the eye of the tiger.

Meanwhile, we have this, Joe Rogan, rich beyond most imagination, slurring, modeling. My readers tend to be very intelligent. It must have crossed their minds — Why did Tucker Carlson and why does drunk Joe Rogan have some mega-platform?

I got some of the images below from my friend Matt Bracken—a former SEAL officer who came with me to Darien Gap. Matthew sees what is coming. Bearded-children. Living in your pod watching “Joe”, and when you are used-up a puff of gas will put you to sleep, forgotten forever.

Chuck Holton, Masako Ganaha and I recently were in Tokyo. Chuck wanted to interview this man who married a plastic doll. There are others, men and women, marrying dolls.

Rape of the Mind.

I saw enough food in his tiny Tokyo apartment for maybe 24 hours. The man appears to have practically no fat reserves. Had plenty of toilet paper. Apparently not thinking that one through.

The entire country of Japan has practically no serious food reserves and imports nearly all of its food and energy. And yet people play their games. Watch cartoons. Slaves in tiny rooms.

And Joe Rogan hammers the bottle and pushes the soma. Maybe Joe is a good guy deep down. I have no idea. But when he pushes the soma, he works in service to The Beast.

Watch Joe Rogan in this short video. Rape of the Mind:

Michael Yon

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  1. Love your writing style. Joe Rogan is a Satanist? Joe’s a guy who can’t constructed three sentences using the English language, one of which is always going to include the F-word. Joe “F-Word” Rogan! Enough said for this Christian.

    But isn’t Alex Jones the same? Some of his former employees are credited with claiming he’s a vodka user, abuser? And about 2 years ago I was listening to Alex when he stated on his program words to the effect that he probably needed to be in rehab. Look how he treats his former wife, the mother of most of his kids. And he’s a professing Christian too?

    This is a freebie. What is wrong with Alex? Its what I first described as “Alex’s Grand Omission” since 2012. I dissected Alex’s Infowars’ paradigm, which is pretty simply really, and then observed there was no possible way that it would accomplish anything.

    Alex, Mike Adams and a small host of conservative social media types will NEVER TOUCH OR EVEN MENTION WHAT I REFER TO AS “The Legal Strategic Offense” and “Legal Strategic Boycotts”, both of which I’ve pushed since 2005. Heck, I started my first personal boycott in 08/1975 in Robstown, TX at a stop sign. I’ve boycotted Disney since 1995, and look at what the silent boycott cost it in 2022, $128 Billion in stock value and market capitalization.

    Back to Alex, I persisted on Alex’s Infowars forums to the point he banned me 4 times, 3 times before Youtube banned him costing him $4 Million a years of his own personal testimony! That’s what Alex often refers to as “karma”, in spite of the fact he’s a professing Christian.

    Nobody is thinking in a way that envisions saving our Republic using the “Legal Strategic Offense”. Getting bit by mosquitoes and critters doesn’t save it if that’s all a man does, as valuable as what you do confirms and exposes.

    BTW, on the pathogen subject you don’t sound like you’re aware of the universal antidote for almost all viral and bacterial pathogens as well as for almost all poison. The only reason I bring it up is because it works and because of the deadly pathogens you described, which I’ve used some in postings online, like the kids in Fort Bend County more than 10 years ago who acquire tuberculosis.

    There was also a very brief virus that killed 14 of 21 people who acquired it in ’13 or ’14. I’m pretty sure all 21 lived in Montgomery County, TX, and all of those who died were older than 50 except one who was 45. It lasted less than a month, which pathogens almost never do.

    And this great elixir of saving people from pathogens everybody has heard about. The key to making it a solution is the delivery system which normally needs a doctor or a nurse to administer intravenously over a matter of days. The MD that perfected it stated in the 1950’s that every case of polio he treated was resolved in the patients’ favor. He also states it works against rabies!!! Imagine that. And every virus he ever encountered, and the universal antidote for all poisons. You are welcome to contact me if you are interesting in knowing what it is.

    Some intel, you may not know what the DOJ, DHS and FBI are doing against American citizens, led by the FBI. This is a suit in Federal court right now that explains it. I’ve been a target of this for 13+ years. It involves a lot more than what is described in the petition. If you have the interest and time. Start by looking at the injuries to the woman on page 63:

    Alex Jones has tangentially mentioned this but never described what he actually knows about it.

    Its reasonable to believe most celltowers can be used to murder American citizens? I can testify to a sample of this that was not fatal to me.

    So, how about the Legal Strategic Offense that nobody’s promoting that Disney and Bud Light have just recently fallen victim to that I’ve practiced for 48 years and pushed corporately for 18 years. It works 100% of the time if enough Americans join and participate in them. Disney to the tune of $128 Billion in 2022 alone. It’s not mutually exclusive with mosquitoes, critters and getting sick in the jungle, respectfully, which I suspect at your age you no longer really qualify to do?

    • Hi Mark,
      Your reply to Micheal is well taken. I do believe companies like Disney are and will continue to be shored up by the money printers. Unless a massive amount of people participate in the boycotts these evil companies will not go away. As we see the population is much to dumbed down and brain washed to see their personal demise.
      I am very interested in knowing what the universal antidote is for viral and bacterial pathogens and poisons.
      Thank You

  2. I really appreciate all the information you pass along. I’m a teacher by trade who worked for Delta in the early 80s. Traveled to China in 1986… before modernizing and saw communism all in green.
    In 2017 I was looking into virtual jobs for teaching and came across Delaware jobs teaching young students in China! I thought at the time the takeover of American would be facilitated by those who teach. I didn’t want that job. Wondering how involved the Biden crime family is with the Delaware Language School teaching Chinese?
    Praying for your safety and awaking of the citizens.

  3. Your work is Awsom and I have received Great Knowledge of an area I knew nothing about now I do, speaking of Darien Gap, Great Information there, however the time has well been seen that this is the direction we have been forced into and obviously enough hasn’t been done to stop the Retarded outcome. It is well past the time to Rock, Let’s Rock. Thanks for a Huge Direction we now we have to cross.

  4. Tucker Carlson had a “mega-platform” Probably because he planted it, and watered it with a nutritious tea steeped with the attention of a myriad of those with at least a modicum of integrity left.

  5. I think you should do an entire podcast with jordan peterson about nothing else but mindrape and testosterone

  6. Saw you on Infowars. Great interview, thank you. I’m wide awake and spend hours researching daily so very interested in following you. I can’t believe people are just letting all this crap happen.
    It was very clear to me during the lockdowns, our government is destroying us. Forcing people to get jabbed with a bioweapon shot yet the illegals could enter this country without taking it.
    Living in CA, I see the immigrants moving in and taking over. The diseases scare me the most. Working p/t at a big box store, I get exposed to them more so than other people. Got Covid twice and never completely recovered, so your information on what’s coming across the border is so important.
    I appreciate your hard work and dedication to sharing the truth. Like I said, will follow what your doing because I want to survive this war to help wake up others that will listen.
    Bless you and hope you feel better soon. Stay strong because there’s people like me that need you and appreciate your information.
    Sincerely, Sue

  7. Dude I just found you thanks to your interview with Alex. I wish I would have known of you earlier. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good fight, sir.

  8. I appreciate what you do. I always try to catch up to your reporting on rumble.Take Care,Lee

  9. You still have little Ricky Tarrio on speed dial? Lol

  10. Thanks for your attention and hard work to what is taking place in rhis world and here in USA. Few people realize what is coming down and many will be easy pickings for these mind police and control freaks we call our government and leaders. We now let anybody bully and lead us as they please and yes the Soma is ever present to many for sure. I too have never really trusted Joe Rogan as he is in fact just a nobody who knows how to manipulate this system but we see a lot of that everyday from many players. To be totaly honest MIke Adams does the same exact thingand if you doubt how smart he is just ask him about himslef and his highly intellegnt and gifted many friends ? They are all bullshit people. Mike censored me and deleted me from his Brighteon sites for nothing except disagreeing with him and saying so publicly. So he is not who or what he claims to be at all . I find it all a bit odd that people whi have never been in a real war have no idea what you see in that situation dily. IT questions all of your personal aptitudes and realities and unless you have been there you simply cannot see it or actually feel it, it is all just words for most, same as MIke and many more, all just words and no meat at all ! How much money has Mike made off the greater fools in the last 3 years alone ? And how many people has he censored and or deleted from his sites to keep the fools inline and in agreeance ?

    Recently my site was taken dwon by Go Daddy via pressure from Google because I was a bad sheep and spoke too many truths. I am debating whether to even go back line or not. With so many working against us it seems like a waste of time and effort as most Americans are dumb as a stump, weak and lazy. The few like Je and MIke have eeked out their own spot safe haven and are fine with playing their games for popularity while avoiding many real truths. Mike caved in about a year ago when he was confronted by goverment officials. I knew he was not who or what he claimed to be. He apologized for nothing and said he was sorry for offending anybody and ended up making more millions for his compliance. It is all BS here in USA now . I think you fully realize it as well so just keep on keeping on and be true to yourself ! That is what saves our soul in the eyes of God !

    Steve Baze, RVN 68/69 war zone D on the Cambodian border. I was with MACV and assigned to 11ACR at Blackhorse and 9th infantry at Bearcat as well. We trained ARVNs to be Kit Karson scouts and LRRPs to go into Cambodia and Laos. It was like living two different lives on the same tour here on this planet ! Two divorces and too many years in business has made me very caerful and honest ! I trust nobody until you earn it.

  11. One of the BEST articles I’ve ever read. You are right on the money.

  12. Well nobody is going to do anything. If we pick up arms we go to jail. Nobody’s doing that. Our own people will lock you up for defending yourself or your homeland. And Bracken? I know he’s your buddy but he stated he was gonna sail away somewhere if stuff went bad here. And he NEVER mentions the Jews and their influence. Going so far as to call people idiots for suggesting such. And he made his living serving the Beast. Destroying people and countries on behalf of the evil empire. Bracken…pfft.

    You’re wasting your time. The war is coming. The best will win.

    • Matt B served a whole 4 years in the Navy, 1979-1983. Slight exaggeration, eh?

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