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U.S. and Others Working with Nazis Dealing in Stolen Art

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06 December 2015

From my Facebook

USA/Netherlands/Ukraine/Germany/Canada: Stolen Art in Nazi hands — hands that our leaders are shaking

I published numerous times recently that a significant story was about to break regarding Ukraine. Clearance just came to me to publish. Minutes ago the story hit a front page in Netherlands.

In a nutshell: Valuable art was stolen in the Netherlands. The art was found by intelligence agencies in Ukraine. Spies determined that Oleh Tyahnybok has some of the work.

Oleg Tyahnybok can be seen below doing the Nazi salute (wrong hand), and also shaking hands with Biden.

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Tyahnybok and the rest of his party are Nazis. We are doing business with them. That we are doing business with them is not new, but that they also deal in stolen art is the story here.

Some others who are photographed dealing with the Nazi thieves include: German minister of foreign affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, John Kerry, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton.

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All have backed these Nazis who are trying to ransom Dutch artwork back to Netherlands.

I do not know if this was reported this hour, but here goes: Some of the artwork is damaged because the thieves rolled the paintings and caused much damage. The cost of restoration + ransom is not worth it.

There is much more to the story.

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