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United Kingdom Is Next in the Cascade of Collapse

03 September 2022
Somewhere, Netherlands
Mind dump

Still image of movie London has Fallen. Lionsgate films.

I’ve been warning about this since January 2020. Sounded crazy then. But it wasn’t. I devour history books and it’s all written over and over and over. Normalcy bias is a great killer of nations.

There will be famine
There will be actual pandemic
There will be war

There will be migrations big and small. Both personal and population-sized. Entire tribes will move, as has been happening already. Many of these Europeans and Americans will soon realize they did not just welcome in millions of individuals. They welcomed in tribes and groups that come with their own structures.

These are not so much predictions. More like saying there will be big waves during the hurricane. Or heat and smoke during a forest fire. Those are not difficult predictions. This is the way things go. Drop a rock. It falls.

After my Jordan Peterson interview, a major organization called for a follow-up interview. They had seen me mention cannibalism somewhere in regard to famine. The interviewer brought that up in a rather pointed way, as if the idea of cannibalism in this age is foolish. They are rich but unstudied. Famine — a real famine — always brings cannibalism. The unnamed media group never ran the interview. But within about two years they will realize, “Hey, Michael was right.” But it was not me. I just read constantly and tell you what I read, and see on the ground.

Recognition and reaction to the new realities are essential to navigating through this.

Europe is collapsing. US, China, Japan are following. India too. As for Russia, they have plenty of energy and food. Russia can defeat Europe by simply surviving while the children and fools stamp feet and thrash about.

US crop reports will be out soon. Use this time wisely.

Yesterday, I made an interview with the excellent Jan Jekielek at Epoch Times. Between the interview and other conversations, we must have talked three hours yesterday. Jan is brilliant. Jan asked something many people ask. As a war correspondent, why did I not go to Ukraine? The answer is simple: when these famines hit, nobody will remember Ukraine. That’s a neighborhood fight that some corrupt people are cashing in on. The story of our generation are these famines and what they bring.

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  1. Can you expand on the impending collapse of the UK please. The headline grabbed me in. Cheers

    • Go to the attached link in Michael’s blog. You’ll find the information there.

  2. The content does not refer to the title? Not one mention of why the UK is next. Bit disappointed.

  3. So how do we, in the US, survive this?

  4. this is good. I have been following you after I listened to the JB’s interview with you. Unfortunately still not many people see it coming.

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