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Upcoming Talk with: Vejjajiva Abhisit, former Prime Minister of Thailand

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21 December 2015

I got a call this morning that Abhisit wants to talk on Thursday.  I can try to work in questions if there is time.  If you have any questions just post here and I will do my best.  I will ask how the meeting went with U.S. Ambassador Glynn Davies.

During one of last meetings with Abhisit, I asked if Thailand had an issue with Japan about World War II comfort women stories being peddled by China and Korea.  He said no.  Japanese relations are warm.  This is interesting because China and Korea would have the world believe that Thailand has a grievance with Japan.

Only four countries have serious bad feelings for Japan: China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan.  The rest is a myth created mostly by China, and the Koreas.  But then the Koreas (NORK and SORK) also do not get along with each other.

As for Abhisit, he did a great job as Prime Minister of Thailand, while Thaksin tried every step of the way to sabotage Thailand.  And so a great deal of PM Abhisit’s time was spent managing the manufactured crisis.

Finally Abhisit even was charged with murder — and I can assure you as eyewitness that the violence was not instigated by the Royal Thai Army.  The violence was instigated by Thaksin’s people, who later stole billions of dollars from Thai farmers in the rice scheme and other schemes.

With any luck, Abhisit will once again become Prime Minister after the ‘crisis’ ends.  Well, this current crisis is not much of one.  Martial law has been peaceful.

I was told that PM Prayuth will make a press announcement tomorrow.  Sounds like something important but I do not know what it will be about.

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