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Vaccine in Vermont: White Folks go to end of line — and Madeisy update


In other news, we have not heard from Madeisy (16) and family for about 25 hours. They are heading north to America. We know where they plan to cross and I will fly up to see. We will neither aid nor hinder their attempt to cross into United States.

Their journey so far started in Haiti a couple years ago, then to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia (where we met them), — crossed into Panama through Darien Gap and about 12 died (working on details) —. Got detained by Panamanian border police, and then ushered to Costa Rica. Near the Costa Rican border, other Haitian immigrants with Madeisy fought Panamanian police, injuring numerous Panamanian police. I published on my Patreon a Panamanian-media link to this story several days ago.

Madeisy sent some video to us of arguments between Haitian men and Panamanian border patrol. Not fighting, but heated. Madeisy is in two of the videos.

After fighting with Panamanians, the Haitians, including Madeisy, escaped to Costal Rica. The Haitians were detained by Costa Rican authorities and sent back to Panama.

Panamanian authorities out-processed the Haitians and sent them back to Costa Rica. Costa Rica sent the Haitians to Nicaragua on bus.

All trips appear to have been by bus since exiting Darien Gap.

Based on last message from Madeisy, we suspect they are in Honduras now.

Last time we heard from Madeisy, she reports they had not eaten in two days.

The great news is that if Madeisy and family can make it to Vermont, they can get the vaccine before white folk because they fall under several preferred classes:

1) Unwhite
2) Not U.S. Citizen
3) Not English speaking
4) Will need taxpayer assistance

But before they can get to the front of the line in America, Madeisy and family will have to make it through Honduras — one of the most dangerous countries on earth, and through Mexican drug cartel territory.

The more one learns about this entire situation…

Michael Yon

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