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Warning to Judge and Jurors in Grisham Trial


20 October 2013

Mouse mutilated and published by US soldier on trial: CJ Grisham

This week, the trial of CJ Grisham ended in a hung jury.  A source in the courtroom told me that the jury was 5:1 in favor of conviction.

A retrial has been set for 18 November 2013.

The judge and jury are warned: Grisham is not to be trifled with.  Jurors should ask to shield their personal information if possible.  After the trial, if Grisham is found guilty, jurors likely will meet the fate of others who have dared to cross CJ Grisham.  This person is a professional victim and victimizer.

Just this week, Grisham published personal information about a juror at his mistrial.  Grisham was using his smart phone, against court rules, during the trial.  This Army soldier thumbs his nose at the judge and flagrantly tries to intimidate the jury.

Grisham published during the trial:

CJ Grisham
about an hour ago via mobile

You know, the more I think about it the happier I should be. Not only are we fighting the prosecutors and lying bullies with badges, but we’re having to fight a biased judge who would rather get home to his golf game than preside over a trial where a citizen’s liberty is at stake. The judge has refused the use of exculpatory evidence that proves these lies and misrepresentations. And one of the jurors is the wife of a cop. And yet, we still have a hung jury. Imagine how easy this case would have been had the rule of law been in play.

During an armed rally after his mistrial, Grisham is quoted:

Organizer CJ Grisham, an Army master sergeant who was arrested in Temple for carrying a rifle and whose trial last week ended in a mistrial, asked attendees to keep flags blocking the chambers of their guns.

“If the SWAT team comes down and starts surrounding us with tactical gear, it only takes a minute to pull them out,” Grisham said of the orange pieces of plastic most attendees have stuck in the cheers of their guns.

For more:

(PS: I will head to Turkey soon to look at covering some Syria issues.)

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