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Who Was The Greatest Gold Thief in History?

Executive Order
Hint — the same guy who started a war with Japan.
21 May 2022
Mind Dump, Sans Edit
It’s hard to find an American who knows that Roosevelt is the greatest gold robber in history.
The Federal Government physically stole gold from banks and safe deposit boxes and homes around America and made it as illegal to hold gold as it would be today to hold cocaine. And when I tell people Roosevelt started the war with Japan due in large part to business relations with China…practically nobody knows. They say study your history. And they should. The government will do this again.
One of America’s greatest Presidents, Grant, lamented how we pushed and prodded Mexico into war to take the land. (Not that they were innocent. Mexicans stole it before we stole it from them — same with Hawaii. We stole Hawaii from Hawaiians who stole it first — so let’s not cry to their violins). Now America is being stolen from us and we ain’t fighting! 
Most Americans are not, anyway. 
I am!
Now, look at Ukraine. Before the war officially started, many people warned the ‘democrats’ would start a diversionary war. They baited the Russians who were drunk enough to take the bait. Democrats love to bait the trap. They know most Americans are too kind-hearted and fair-minded to make a war of aggression. Not to mention most people are not foolish enough to leave a working farm to die in a foreign trench.
Most Americans do not seem to realize that another US President invaded Russia just over a century ago. Russia is keenly afraid of invasion and is offensive in nature. Russia’s brain is poisoned by a century of war and communism. Easily baited by surrounding and pointed swords at their chests. Of course, they will attack to break out. Mexico was provoked into the same, as was Japan. Germany called it Lebensraum. The United States brings versions — Eisenhower Doctrine, Truman, Reagan Doctrine.
Strong nations with strong enemies want strong buffers.
Americans’ buffer against our own highly predatory government is The Constitution. The Beast seeks to disarm us, take all we have and enslave Americans.
The US government stole American gold and made it into an offense worth 10 years in prison and a huge fine. Like drug smuggling. They stole the money from bank deposit boxes, took all the records, and raided the property of people who had withdrawn money from the banks. Who does stuff like this? Stalin. Mao. Xi, Hitler.
Never surrender your weapons.

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  1. Wow! No, they didn’t have that in our history books. They will never take my weapons. Biden is trying.

    • They hide it better than the Russians or Chinese!

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