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Europe is Crashing Fast into Freezing Winter Followed by Famine

29 July 2022
Somewhere, Holland
Mind Dump

Germany is setting up ‘heating islands’ to that people can crowd around like penguins this winter and not freeze. Paris turning off street lights. Cold showers mandatory — coming. (Wim Hoff must be watching with interest).

Very important — the LNG flowing through Nord Stream is essential for heating and other energy needs and for the Haber-Bosch Process in creating nitrogen fertilizers.

The European ‘Fuel Tank’ will go dry at this rate during peak winter. The math is the math. There is only so much conservation that can be done. I watched a clown on Deutsche Welle today talking about saving in Germany by using better shower heads, etc.

Anyone who ever has lived in Germany knows they have been doing that hardcore since AT LEAST the 80s. Germans don’t even give you ice at the table without charging extra. Been like that for generations.

The German government does not hide they will use this created crisis to push more energy agenda and food agendas. The Kult says it with their mouths. This is not mind-reading or intuition at work. They say it.

I watched a Deutsche Welle broadcast this morning in which they talked about it loud and clear. Not ambiguous. They leave zero room for interpretation. During the freezing time, they will push more climate attacks.

Watch companies like Yara and BASF. BASF talking about pushing energy back to the grid. So you can stay slightly warmer this winter so you can starve next year — because that LNG would be used to create fertilizer.

Meanwhile, the death jabs appear to be smashing German fertility. While the ‘migrants’ invade.

Here in the Netherlands, ideas are openly floated about putting ‘migrants’ in spare bedrooms — IN YOUR HOME. Migrants, you don’t know. Speaking languages you never heard of. In some cases, literally, not toilet trained.

A freezing winter is the perfect opportunity to force this upon subjects.

I’ve got to run. Sorry this is not edited. Mind dump sans edit.

Look at this regarding BASF — trading short-term warmth for 2023 food:

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  1. My Austin teacher, who was an engineer from the Tx oil fields, was the first to tell me about this back in 2007.

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