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Biden: America Betrayed

Biden Crime Family — The Laptop from Hell

Update: Just got off the phone with Jack Maxey. This laptop gonna explode some worlds. Jack Maxey has heroically held the ground and kept teeth into this thing. An epic struggle of a Patriot fighting Crime Families, CCP, and more.

I Am 51 minutes into this 2-hour 3-min interview. Incredible. Jack Maxey deserves maximum credit for staying on this.

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The Beast Prepares to Sacrifice The Biden Crime Family

The Bidens have served their purposes and are no longer useful. Time to empty the trash. Blame the evils on the Biden Crime Family. And then continue with World War III. The Biden Crime Family — and General Mark Milley — are credibly accused of treason. Biden and Milley will be replaced by even worse.

Nobody will fix this for us. It’s us or no one. We are 911.

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