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Biden Calls for Regime Change on Eve of Virtue Famine

If Biden were sincere about regime change, Biden would resign.

And enjoy his twilight in Hell. The guy should not be allowed into national security meetings. A traitor with dementia is the boss of Generals in high heels. The people crying for war will bring upon all of us a massive Virtue Famine. Just tighten your belt and eat your children — a common practice in famine (see Bible) — and enjoy winter ’23-’24 bundled up next to frozen water pipes.

This is not hyperbole. Not one grain.

We face the most epic famines in all history. Global Virtue Famines will bring the most incredible migrations ever seen. Humans are migrating like wildebeests. All for someone’s Virtue signaling over this or that. The deadly jabs, the masks, the climate scam, the this, the that.

History is clear on this fact: The vast majority of people will be caught flatfooted. Recall the many Ukrainians, just a week before the invasion, just shrugging their shoulders? Even while a very few — such as I — were publishing that 70, then changed to 80 percent chance Russia would invade, and go for the entire Ukraine.

Likewise with the coming Virtue Famines.

Likely 90 percent of people — including very wealthy and educated — will be caught barefooted and naked when this unfolds. It’s coming. Conditions are fully formed. The questions are how big, how long, where, and other details. Like a fire: Conditions are set atop fantastic amounts of fuel. The little smoke trails already are popping up all over from Syria to Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Venezuela. Many more.

Wars create famine, pandemic, migration.

The entire world soon will forget Ukraine ever existed. They will be rubbing their stomachs, stealing, killing, being killed, standing in lines, crawling on the ground.

Virtue Famine.



Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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