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Bonfires of Netherlands — Police shoot at, arrest Farm Boy — sparking more unrest

07 July 2022

Mind dump

Yesterday, I went to the police station where they held the 16 year-old farm boy. The farm boy police shot at while he was driving the tractor. I saw a long video last night. Totally wrongful shooting. Police did miss the boy but hit the doorframe of his tractor. The boy represented no threat.

And so yesterday farmers besieged the police station demanding release. A journalist there told me police told the farmers if they disperse they would release the prisoner. The farmers dispersed and hours later police released the boy they almost shot.

We found numerous dispersed groups of farmers. Apparently, there were groups lighting bonfires around the Netherlands. We found two bonfires.

Bonfires in support for 16 year old hero farmer attacked by

Most of the farmers were teenagers or young twenties. It literally reminded me of our high school parties in Florida with 4x4s, only this time Dutch boys and girls came in tractors. They had beer but were peaceful — though did break out the fireworks.

The young farmers were extremely happy that ‘foreign press’ came and saddened that the Dutch press is portraying them as enemies and criminals. Dutch farmers plead for international help. I hardly have the heart to tell them this is war and there are no reinforcements. They are the first and last line of defense. This time, there will be no Market Garden. Likely there will be another Hongerwinter. Right here. In a breadbasket of the world. The young farmers kept trying to shove beers in my hand and I kept saying you got no fucking time for beer, and a couple you look too young to be drinking. A

They are plenty old enough to realize their land, farms, and futures are being stolen by global psychopaths.

I was just told this morning — have not confirmed: “Distribution center bleiswijk last night 19 arrested, incl. 9 juveniles….Apparently what we witnessed was a natl action… there were manure fires burning across highways all over Holland.” Same source, “On same MSM news with straight face anchor announced 11% year-on-year food price inflation due to increased energy costs.”

Young farmers used a tractor to stoke the fires.

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