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Budapest, Amsterdam: Man, I feel like a woman

02 July 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mind dump

There is a lot more going on than I have let on. Numerous journalists and others are coming in to meet me about “the situation.” So a few days ago, I was in Mexico where an old Green Beret friend picked me up for a trip to Austin, where we had lunch with the great Todd Bensman and I flew to Amsterdam and connected for Budapest, Hungary.

And so yesterday I landed in Hungary. The US military is there and runs some of the Ukraine war from Hungary. But by the time I landed, I decided to abort that and push straight back to Amsterdam — farmers, truckers, bikers, and more, are planning to shut down the Netherlands on July 4th. That’s another story I will go into in detail as days unfold.

In beautiful Budapest this morning, the taxi driver was going on about food and fuel prices. Radio playing — and Shania Twain came on. The song, “Man, I feel like a woman”, playing on his radio! Hungary is not into the woke bullshit, or idiotic, suicidal mass migration. They still have feet on the ground.

Taxi driver moved swiftly and was checking his phone when the light changed and a Jaguar came to a hard stop in front of us. At least two crucial seconds were lost before I realized the taxi driver was going to rear-end the Jaguar at lethal speed. I shouted, he looked up…too late. Slammed the breaks and we screeched — turns out not all breaks are anti-lock — BAM! Smashed the Jag. Banged my knees but okay. Very close call.

They got out, exchanged numbers like civilized humans, and off to the airport which was only a mile or so away.

At the airport, tons of obvious US military including multiple people with matching Pelicans traveling together. The lines were so long that even with showing up two hours early, still waited in line for at least an hour to check-in, and barely made the flight.

Security was easy and quick and nobody had to take off shoes.

And then coincidence strikes. While boarding, a stewardess mentioned Shania Twain. What an incredible and weird coincidence. Is Shania popular in Hungary because all the freaks are attacking Hungary due to Hungarian unwillingness to join the freak cult? I’ve always liked Shania’s music but — noteworthy she comes up twice in two hours.

As mentioned, numerous journalists are coming such as Epoch possibly sending someone — they asked yesterday if I will help. I help Epoch all over the place but nobody sees that. All background. Epoch is fighting back and this is war so I supply ‘ammo’ and recon. People like Josh Philipp, Jan Jekeliek, and others are very accurate in their work.

One of those coming in is Masako Ganaha from Japan. I told Masako to put Apple Airtags in her bags…this is Europe, not Japan. Masako took Emirates from Japan to Dubai to Hungary. I messaged not to worry about Japan to United Arab Emirates. That part is safe and should be pleasant. Risk of theft skyrockets when you hit Europe.

So we took the same flight to Amsterdam and a Japanese man on the flight accidentally spilled coffee on Masako’s gear. And when we landed…that is when Masako’s bag was stolen. An interesting story I will tell next.

Michael Yon

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  1. What makes Europe so bad for crime now??

  2. Glad to hear you are doing stuff with ET… Probably the reason why I appreciate their insight on many topics.

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