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Important from Panama — Home of Panama Canal and CCP Desires

16 July 2022

My friend Matt sends from Panama:

“ Michael, sorry, I didn’t get get back to you earlier. Yeah. So to give you an update of what’s going on here. The protesters, which is a huge range of varied groups of people have reached a total stalemate with the government in the negotiations. They’re demanding a list of things, a lot of price freezes on a whole bunch of food items and gasoline and the government has offered to freeze gasoline and 395 a gallon, but they’re saying no, we want $3 or nothing, and the government is set up an app. So 1000s of people have registered to get their 395 they have to buy it through an app. And you know where that goes, I mean, we’re all becoming Chinese here really quickly. Soon you’ll need to be vaccinated I’m sure to get gas. I just came out of one of the biggest supermarkets here and there is absolutely 100% Zero produce you can’t buy one leaf of anything green. There’s zero produce nothing and the meat section was half empty. And there’s no produce anything from agriculture is not getting into the city right now. And people seem completely unwary. They’re not panic buying yet. And I’m amazed I’m panicking. But it looks bad. It’s gonna get when in a few more days when they can’t get me here, man. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But the road to Chiriqui Province, where were all the agriculture most of it comes from is completely unpassable and blocked. And the President has basically he’s allowing this blockage to happen. And he’s the police are just standing down. They could break up these protesters in a minute. But they’re just standing down. And yeah, Michael, you’ve been a voice crying in the wilderness about this. It’s it’s started just like that. It’s really started here. Scary. Hope you’re well Bubba. Stay strong.”

In closing:

Michael Yon

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  1. Found this late, half trues on this communication I live in Panama and yes you could buy produce at any supermarket (yes there were empty spots) but it wasn’t half as bad as this person is saying.

  2. I am grateful to be able to read the truth. I feel comfort in knowing you always write the truth as it is. I’m one of the lucky. I share with my friends at work your link, so they too, can be in the know. We are not woke but we are knowledgeable by reading your articles.

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