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Day 11 & 12: Hagerstown Maryland

6 March 22

Convoy: massive. Now based at Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland. At the moment, Convoy is circling the DC beltway and then return to Hagerstown Speedway. Morale is high.

The guy Patrick Byrne keeps publishing videos saying to abandon the Convoy and this and that. Bryne is a fear monkey. He is not here. Has not been here. And is not the type who would have lasted here. Byrne claims to have “high sources” and all that bullshit. Blah blah. He’s making up stuff. I strongly suspect that Byrne and his “high sources” frightened off Leigh Dundas, who also constantly mentioned “high sources.” Leigh was not made for this sort of work. Bless her heart, she punched out to California.

The truckers did not notice.

My uncle had a farm. Part of his farm included giant chicken coups. A single fox or scary bird could come in and kill thousands of chickens. When the first chicken panicked, others could stampede and kill each other. Bryne is that fox. And a nutter if you ask me. A nutter with a red hotline to “high sources.” Block Byrne, and block those who listen to him. He’s stampeding the chickens. Be a baffle to his bullshit.

The Convoy currently is circling the DC beltway. The front seems to have reached the tail. If so, that makes it 64 miles long — with natural breaks, of course.


People’s Convoy Driving around DC Beltway.  All smooth. Launched from Hagerstown Speedway and to return to Hagerstown Speedway.

People’s Convoy Driver’s Meeting

5 March 22

Epoch Times Interviews Go Up: Thanks to volunteer pilot Brad Hayslip and other patriots, the word is getting out!

Sunday CONVOY Plans: Convoy should be doing several laps around the DC beltway Sunday. This is after meetings with law enforcement during recent hours.

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