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Day 2: Kingman to somewhere near Lupton.

24 Feb 2022 — Day 2


7:00 PM MST. Crossing into New Mexico.

We just crossed the border into New Mexico. I just got word Navajo chief blessing convoy. Stay tuned!

6:15 PM MST. Enroute to Lupton, Arizona

This convoy is a good five miles long. If we’re going to stand up, let’s stand up! Today Ann Vandersteel noted “We’re picking up people left and right. It’s just beautiful.”  We will be staying the night around Lupton Arizona.

Check out today’s War Room update. More to come later this evening!

3:00 PM MST. High Desert of Arizona on our way to Lupton, Arizona

The convoy is growing! This is great!


11:00 AM MST:   Kingman to Lupton, Arizona 

The convoy departed yesterday from Adelanto, California. Came into Kingston last night. Now we heading to New Mexico via Lupton, Arizona where we will stay the night. Other parts of the convoy have started from other places. Huge numbers of people are gathering on overpasses on the side of the road waving American flags, Canadian flags in gratitude for their mission (which you can find here) and leadership, and lots of Let’s Go Brandon signs.

This is a very peaceful group. My danger meter is pegged at about zero with this group.

A very happy group despite the state of America.

I was able to take a drone shot of the convoy, this morning. I am new to drones but was able to purchase this because of your support. Thank you! I will post that shot as soon as it uploads when I have stable wifi!

Don’t forget, if you want to see raw, on the go video and updates join my community at

Also, I am making daily appearances on War Room update,  so be sure to join us there.

America is standing up.


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Michael Yon

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  1. God bless you and praying for protection over each and every driver and rider on the convoy and all the wonderful people coming out in support. I pray the LORD to accomplish the mission of this convoy and bring our beloved America back.

  2. Keep’em rolling Michael! Great work getting us the real intel on The Peoples Convoy! Inspirational movement! We The People support you all. May GOD be with you all! Semper Fi!

  3. Great work as always Michael… thanks, God Bless, Freedom has never been free.

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