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Day Zero. People’s Convoy.

Today is Day Zero of the People’s Convoy from California to Washington DC. Day 0 is only a rally and check-in at the Stadium in Adelante, California. Maureen Steele told me several hours ago about 500 truckers signed up so far, but many truckers are coming from out of state who have not signed up.

This convoy is grassroots.

There are numerous convoys sprouting up around the land. I do not know how many. I called Lara Logan today and we talked at length. Lara is 100% behind the Truckers. Steve Bannon called, and same. Lars Larson, and Jeff Prather — I am appearing on their shows today. Epoch Times called. My friend Josh Philipp is coming out with his Epoch team. They work hard.

Hopefully, I will see Sam Faddis, Ben Bergquam, and some other serious folks along the way. We’ve all been chatting along with many others such as Kathleen Wells, AM Radio figure in Los Angeles, who should be here today. I hoped Chuck Holton would come but Chuck has run off to the Ukraine war. Please offer prayers for Chuck. That war can go highly kinetic at any moment.

Today is registration and information exchange.

As for Convoy, today is just registration and information exchange. Day 1 is tomorrow, 23 February — that’s the day we start rolling. Wednesday

Many suspect various governments will cause problems. These include California, Arizona, and of course the Federal government. The convoy is determined to be peaceful but everyone saw what happened on 06 January 2020. We saw the false flags and the agent provocateurs and the fake news. We are on the lookout for agent provocateurs. But no one knows if a call to the police will be a call to friends or to something like we see in Occupied Canada.

ANTIFA is likely to strike again.

There appears to have been another ANTIFA terror strike in Portland. A day or so ago. The apparent ANTIFA terror strike resulted in the death of a possible terrorist. Facts remain vague. I was told by sources in Portland that ANTIFA terrorists likely will strike again this week.

A year or so I was in their ANTIFA camp with Masako Ganaha. This was a bit dangerous — they are terrorists — but somehow we got away with it and sat by their fire. Bunch of druggies with guns, knives, bats. And OGPORTLAND just lets them run wild and shit all over the streets.

We photographed the ANTIFA fridge which is supposed to be vegan, according to their sign. The fridge was filled with chicken, eggs, some sort of hot dogs, and other tasty items. One day I will show those photos. Maybe while trucking down a desert road during the Convoy.

Working around Tyranny

Mailchimp canceled our years-long business relationship after merely mentioning the Convoy. We found a work-around within a couple of hours. Goodbye Mailchimp. But we see what the OGCAN is doing in Canada. The Occupying Government of Canada has gone full Authoritarian. Laws no longer matter.

Keeping an eye on Ukraine while driving in the peaceful convoy.

OGUS is pumping tons of extremely expensive gear into Ukraine as it did in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to give it all away at fire-sale prices. Free. There is a high chance Russia will move to take all or most of Ukraine including the capitol, Kiev. And including more high-tech American gear paid for by people who cannot afford to help their kids graduate from Marxist universities.

I am told Putin already has selected a replacement for the President of Ukraine. I do not know if this is true, or the name of the potential replacement, if true.

All this is putting more strain on fuel, fertilizer, and other agricultural inputs. If you have not heavily stocked up on food…it becomes more expensive by the day.

A closing word:

“The very moment the slave refuses to obey the humiliating orders of his master, he simultaneously rejects the condition of slavery.” – Camus

Michael Yon

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