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Dutch Rising Up to Fight THE CULT

01 July 2022


Am making a flight back to the Netherlands tomorrow. Hungary will have to wait. I’ve not told you the half of it yet.

Dutch farmers/truckers/bikers/tow truck operators, and scads others, have a comprehensive plan that they already are executing. For instance, farmers are dumping out milk right now. Dutch farmers will stop supplying supermarkets with their milk.

Farmers are taking their solar panels off the grid. As I flew over today, I was surprised how much solar they have. Lots of little things like that. And huge things like shutting down roads and will try to shut airport. Police can block roads to the airport but if you look at Google Earth you can see farmers with tractors can do a General Patton and just go over fences. These are serious farmers and serious people, not ANTIFA trash. These people are smart.

If the farmers breach the airport, I’ll try to be up front.


Boom— Dutch truckers joining Dutch farmers in Resistance against The Cult

Dutch are incredible organizers. They have the power to shut down Netherlands. I will be here for it. They going Full-Hong-Kong on The Cult.

Just got another message that Dutch Bikers joined.

This is our team. Meaning Global Resistance against The Cult. Canadian Truckers did it — huge numbers of American truckers are game.

But…this is a thinking man’s war. On some level, this plays into enemy hands. Global famines definitely coming. There will be many casualties due to the Death Cult that pushes poison jabs, open borders, legalized racism, child trafficking, Epstein Island, war in Ukraine while US border is open and Europe is being invaded.

The Death Cult has organized a massive famine. There is no way to stop it. Dutch are drawing a line in the empty field.

This is our team. Civilized people who see The Cult for what is. We can smash the Death Cult flat. The Cult is a bully reliant on our compliance and silence.

The Cult has all our names. We need a massive list of their names such as Bill Gates, Fauci, Mark Milley, Autisim-Austin. All the way down to woke Army captains.

Say their names!

Michael Yon

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  1. Thank you for the hustle to get to all of these locations before/as/& after events.

    Will spread the word & link to your dispatches.


  2. DHS Secretary Mayorkas. We need truckers to shut down the ports of entry at the Texas borders also. Thank you for your voice!

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