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Global 1848 — and Notice When Communism was ‘Born’

03 June 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mind dump, sans edit

The uprising is spreading across Europe. This and next year are scheduled to be Huge. This video is accurate enough and well done. We are now in a Global 1848.

Important: Marx and Engels published Communist Manifesto in 18….you guessed it…48. In 1848, The Kult was born.

By 1879, former President U.S. Grant was warning about communists while he was in Paris. I recount this occasionally and often folks think I misspoke – how could someone have been using the term ‘communism’ back in 1879?

The Kult was already endemic and highly infectious by 1879. More infectious and deadly than the China-Fauci virus of 2019. I suspect the Mathematics of Kult would be similar or the same as the epidemiological mathematics of infectious disease. Information as virus.

The term communism was in wide usage in the 1800s. Communism is the Black Death of Kults.

I learned that communism is a cult when I was in Special Forces and this planted the seed of my interest in cults. It’s true: Communism quickly became a cult and remains so. Remember my talk of hunting cannibals? I was studying cults. The kult that crashed airplanes into tall buildings and the Pentagon. The kult that rose with Hitler and would fight the kult of communism. The fascism kult.

Ultimately, kults is cults. The more you understand kults — that’s like first understand generic virus in order to understand the building blocks of all viruses, and eventually the idea of pandemic (which transcends virus/bacteria/etc., but pandemic is another road).

Kommunismus is an information virus. After the 911 attacks, I got more serious about understanding kults and came across a kult of cannibals called Aghor. The entire hunt and study was the most fascinating journey of my life. The wars were almost boring compared to kult dynamics and kannibal hunting while studying kults.

Study cults. You must. Read “Rape of the Mind”. You must.

I got off on a ramble. Slept four hours last night. Much to do before the resistance actions tomorrow. I want to hear everything the Dutch — especially farmers — have to say. The farmers are frontline and are on the good team.

As a group, farmers across the world have far more common sense than most people. All successful independent farmers are businesspeople, hard workers, and have an eye on the world around them. You will never waste time talking with farmers. Ask a farmer what is going on today. Pick any farmer. Any farmer at all.

Read Rape of the Mind.
Read Rape of the Mind.
Read the book
Read it now

And understand why I am calling this Global 1848:

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  1. Yuri Bezmenov, the kgb agent who defected to Canada in 1970- claimed that 85% of the kgb manpower/time/money was used for “active measures” also known as “ideological subversion.” I never had considered “brainwashing” in the context of collective behavior. Communism is a system of economy, which places ownership and control of capital goods and consumer goods in the state. The primary capital good is a human being. Our capitalist republic places ownership and control of capital and consumer goods in private citizens. Communism is slavery.

  2. YEA talk about the past,YOU MEN HAVE FAILED to protect your families and children,YOUR HERO”S are unleashing the last days of life on you right NOW,.LEPOREY,EBOLA-HEMORRHAGIC FEVER and a list of PLAGUES you won;t survive,I WOULD THINK some of you saw this coming,BUT BLIND STUPIDITY AND COWARDEST STOPPED YOU FROM HUNTING DOWN THESE DEVILS,now you’ll pay with your life..

  3. Also notice that Marx made positive comments on Lincoln’s war on the South through articles in the New York newspapers. Lincoln’s war gave us a strong central government rather than government by the states. That has not worked out real well as that also gave us Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ.

  4. Wasn’t the name “Communism” taken from the short-lived Paris Commune of 1870?

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