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Dutch Resistance Grows as Farmers Block Highways

Netherlands: Farmers blocked at least nine highways.

27 July 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last night, farmers blocked at least nine highways.  A Resistance movement is forming against WEF and the OGNETH — Occupying Government Netherlands. (ed – and their European and Global domination goals)

Notice I did not say RESISTANCE is growing but that A RESISTANCE IS GROWING. This is organizing into cells. Stuff is getting real.

In addition to other things, these are battles against Global Famine and Global Tyranny. Not just a few farmers upset about minor things. These are battles for the World.

I smell this organizing into something more difficult than OGNETH or WEF expected. Dutch farmers are not simple people. As a group, they think big thoughts.

Dutch Farmers fighting WEF and OGNETH blocked nine highways last night.

Michael Yon

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  1. Michael. On free republic I just posted this:
    “ Notice how the scum FAKE news propagandizes the reader in the first few sentences. Low info voters have no change of reading this with a fair mind:

    “ How Dutch farmers became the center of a global right-wing culture war

    Radicalized by conspiracy theories, some activists see the farmers in the Netherlands as the latest victims of an assault on Western civilization itself.”

    So the Dutch farmers are being controlled (became denotes some sort of control) by RIGHT WING, RADICALIZED, CONSPIRACY, ACTIVISTS, ASSAULT” crazies. All terms with strong negative connotations. It doesn’t even really matter what the rest of the message says as the mood has been set.

    Pure propaganda.”

    It refers to a recent article by Patrick Smith on the Dutch farmers whom he refers to as radical “radical farmers defense group…according to EXPERTS”.

  2. Blow up ze gov’t buildings in Binnenhoff!

  3. I found you from your talk with Jordan Peterson. Thank you for the work you do.

  4. Hi Michael, I’ve been getting great news from you via email subscription, ever since I signed up after seeing you on Steve Bannon’s Warroom. Yesterday, I watched you on Dr. Peterson’s Youtube channel.
    Thank you for bringing us important news about the Dutch farmers’ protest, WEF’s Tri-City plans and the implications.
    I’m a 53 y.o Korean male and former New Yorker.
    If you ever plan to come to Seoul, look me up.
    We’ll go out for soju and BBQ!
    Good luck and stay safe.

  5. It is too simple to speak about farmers or Dutch farmers.

    The context of the actions is not mentioned. How do they come about?

    Well, it’s all about a small group of radical ranchers. They are actively supported by the multinational Dutch agro-industry and financiers, such as Rabobank.

    In other words, the agro-industry defends its own revenue model of more production over better production. The farmers are trapped in that revenue model.

    The actions of the small group of radical farmers have further radicalized in recent weeks. With the latest actions they endanger road safety and public order. What they did is a criminal act punishable by 12 years in prison.

    The Rutte government responds cautiously and wants to deescalate. It will sit down with the largest farmers’ organization LTO.

    The Netherlands has a tradition of talking, consultation and moderation. The radical farmers break through that and the government does not have a suitable answer.

    The government is bound by international treaties to reduce nitrogen emissions. Agriculture is responsible for about half of those emissions.

    American readers may not know this, but Dutch agricultural production is the second largest in the world. Dutch agriculture is mainly export-oriented. But the Netherlands is a small country.

    The pollution of soil, water and air is too great due to that production. This is not only legally unfeasible, but also unsustainable for the health of the inhabitants and a balanced living environment. That is why the government must intervene.

    It is unfortunate that an economic and health issue that can reasonably be solved by the radical farmers and political activists is being politicized.

  6. When you emphasize that A resistance is growing and organizing into cells I can’t help but to notice a resemblance between this and Star Wars. In particular the Rebel Aliance vs. The Galactic Empire. The rebels in star wars started off by organizing into cells that resisted the empire who seized farms from land owners.

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