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Sunday — today — Farmer Protests in Holland

10 July 2022
Mind dump

The Dutch farmer organizers said they would announce today’s protests at 1400 local time.

And then with Dutch precision, sharply at 1400, the organizers announced that today’s farmer protests are canceled for today.

Farmers have been making a disinformation campaign on their Telegram channels.

For instance, Farmers announced that on 04 July 2022 Farmers would close Schipol airport (Amsterdam). But Farmers did not close the airport.

We drove to the airport and there were many police but little activity. Farmers diverted to protest at other places such as food distribution centers. We saw some of those protests.

Farmers are basically doing a reverse-swatting. Speaking of which, Steven Bannon got swatted a couple of days ago at War Room by the Supreme Court and Bannon just laughed at it. Honey Badger don’t care. Very dangerous but Bannon’s military officer-side came out and steamed forward without a break.

Here in Holland, Farmers are running disinformation to divert and expend police resources. These tactics were very effective in Thailand, Hong Kong, and other conflicts I have been immersed in. (In fact, these are tactics I was learning when was 19 years old in Green Beret training).

Dutch and international support for farmers appears to be growing. More journalists are coming in. My hits on War Room and Epoch directly fed into this. Thank you War Room and Epoch. That was important.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, is a teacher’s pet of Klaus Schwab. Klaus Schwab’s father was a Nazi of high rank who worked with Hitler. The Nazis are not dead. Klaus Schwab is evidence.

Pushing millions of foreigners into the United States and Europe in the middle of economic, energy, and food emergencies is a recipe for massive race wars and genocide. Nobody can make up an evil more perfect. This is a Perfect Evil.

Long-time readers of my Iraq/Afghanistan work may recall my Perfect Evil dispatches from Afghanistan in 2006 in which I foretold the general form of the end more than a decade in advance. The Afghanistan debacle was a Perfect Evil. Was it even a debacle? Or part of something larger? There are no coincidences.

Where are those weapons we ‘abandoned’ in Afghanistan? Lara Logan messaged me last night with that very question. I do not know the answer. Lara is on it.

We do know that Venezuela, Nicaragua, and numerous other key countries proximate to the United States are hunting grounds for Russians and Chinese.

We are at war. Our borders must be closed to invasion. Governor Abbott of Texas is a globalist and he is lying about closing the borders. I just left Mexico last week. He is lying.

Many of my Texan friends are talking about Texit. The Texit idea when your own Governor is a globalist under the spell of Klaus Schwab — is nonsense. Patriot Texans must first take back Texas from globalist Texans.

Now to go rummage up some farmers. Jordan Peterson’s crew and others have reached out for more information. I will help Jordan and other heroic people who are putting their freedoms and lives on the line to fight The Beast.

Thank you for your support. This is expensive. I need it. Truly the free world is at risk. We can beat these people but this will be messy. We are in World War III.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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