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Japan in Danger

A storm builds.  Globalists and China are working to dilute and divide Japan.  Some of those working to divide Japan, are Japanese.

Other Japanese stand and fight.  Masako Ganaha is a warrior for Japan.  Her actions speak. 

Recently in Davos, Masako Ganaha, alone, waited three hours on a cold street for the chance that the diabolical head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, would walk out of his meeting with Japanese traitors.  Masako Ganaha, from tropical Okinawa, Masako anticipated many cold hours alone in waiting, and so had invested in thick wool clothing from socks to hat, a goose down parka, and even an alpine sleeping bag for emergencies.  One night, GPS on the rental car directed Masako to a long, icy road that happens to be closed in the winter and she nearly was forced to break out the sleeping bag.

Back in Davos, Masako waited three hours in the cold outside the closed doors while Klaus Schwab entertained with Japanese traitors.  Masako knew she likely would never see Klaus Schwab.  She was not even sure he was there.  But she waited.  Standing there.  In the cold.  Three hours.

Patience gave way to surprise when Klaus Schwab emerged just beside Masako.  Her video was running.  When Schwab asked Masako where she is from, Masako proudly stated she is independent journalist.  Schwab radiated disdain, literally turned up his nose, saying “No Thank You.”  Telling Masako, and Billions she represents, that she is subhuman.  Not worth his breath.  Klaus Schwab lumbered over to his Diesel V8 car that was running.  Another clear moment captured by Masako on video, showing his disdain for the environmental policies he forces on the globe.

That is the power of Masako.  Of Japan.  Of a single person.  Deeds, not words.

Masako quickly made a similar encounter with Greta Thunberg on another Davos street.  Thunberg appeared weak and frail, Masako would later say.  Thunberg had no security at all and was even lost looking for the train station.  Greta Thunberg appears to matter so little to WEF that WEF did not bother to afford any security, or even a guide to a train after a pitifully small and short street speech to children.  Children who themselves may have been props.

Klaus Schwab also had almost no security.  A takeaway from both encounters — Schwab and Thunberg — is they are expendables to WEF.  One never sees principals like Bill Gates without heavy security.

Masako Ganaha recently spent more than a year away from her home in Japan to see a world unfiltered by corporate-government media.  Her fight-drive against communists, fascists, and other globalists is evidenced by action.

Photo: Masako Ganaha in Davos Switzerland being presented a specially made Japanese / Swiss Freedom Bell Ringer shirt.

Masako travelled to into the jungles Colombia, and Panama, into Mexico, all over America, Armenia, and four moths across Europe to seek out or create allies against tyranny.  She met with members of various governments such as in United States, Netherlands, Hungary, Colombia, and more.

The Japanese government and media are infiltrated.  We cannot depend on compromised governments who treat the people as marketable livestock.  In Japan, as in America, many so-called conservatives spend more time raising money than fighting.  Spending more on flowers than defense.

Meanwhile, Globalists pretend Godlike powers.  Yet they are fragile, vulnerable, and can be shattered.  Outnumbered by at least 10,000 to 1. 

There is a parable in India: the elephant and the chain.  A baby elephant is confined by a leg chain staked to the earth.  As the elephant grows older, the stake no longer is needed.  A loose chain around the leg is enough.  Despite keen eyesight and high intelligence, the adult untethered elephant stands by the stake, a prisoner of its mind.  Globalist leadership are destroying the world, flying around unguarded, locking people into quarantine, forcing them wear masks, to inject poisons, and yet nothing happens, even as people drop dead around us. 

Many are so confused they no longer know the difference between boy and girl.  The globalist Canadian government is euthanizing people on a daily basis on the mere basis of someone coming to a doctor saying they wish to die.  Government-encouraged suicide in Canada is easy.  Many Canadians say the most dangerous thing you can do in Canada is to go to a doctor.

It is down to people who move sua sponte, of their own accord.  While others obediently took ‘vaccines’ and wore masks, Masako Ganaha refused the fake vaccines.  She made live-streams walking through Japanese train stations, malls, and down sidewalks without a mask.  When taking domestic flights, Masako refused masks and was on multiple occasions surprised to be rewarded by upgrade to business class.  Masako’s Okinawan father reminds her that their family name is Ganaha.  The three syllables symbolize she is from a Samurai line.  Her life was not meant to be easy.  And for years she battled in a lonely fight.  In recent times, her intelligence, steadiness, and drive, has caught attention of journalists and thought leaders across America such as Lieutenant General(r) Michael Flynn, Dr. Jordon Peterson, Jack Posobiec, and so many more.  Masako was asked to translate into Japanese a book by Candace Owens.

Photo: Masako at anti CCP Shen Yun event refusing to wear a mask for the photograph. Small actions of freedom yield big results.

The small but powerful Japanese woman refusing the mask carries the blood of Samurai.  Her blood unpolluted by alcohol, tobacco, or by fictitious vaccines.  She refuses even aspirin.  No slave.  She carries the blood of serious Japanese. 

Courage only matters when it matters.  And courage, the rarest of the virtues, is contagious.  Whether Masako’s popular livestreams contributed to the Japanese government dropping mask guidelines is unknown.  Timing was curious.

There is another group of people.  No different in Japan than in the West.  Those manufacturing and peddling deceit.  They plot not to free billions from the yoke of the new Fascism but to steal freedom and funds in selfish abandon.  This sort will sacrifice their own children. 

In America, many posted photographs of their own young children after jabbing them with fake vaccines.  Modern child sacrifice to the corporate ‘gods.’ 

Chameleons cloak in seasons of political fashion.  Jab their own children and broadcast this ritual on Twitter and Tic-Tok.  Others disguise as “Conservative” “Patriot”, or whatever pattern blends into the foliage of the political season.  Chameleons are chameleons.  Seasons change.  Chameleons change colors.

Some chameleons work to divide real fighters for freedom.  This species of chameleon is are called Splitters.  “Splitting” is an actual term used by psychologists.  Many Stalkers are Splitters, though the behaviors are separate.  Splitters plant seeds of division and often quietly walk away.  Social sabotage.  Splitting is not the way of the full-time warrior but of the stay behind conniver.  A plan launched in a nail salon.

Americans believe Japan to be a nation descendant of Samurai.  Yet Japan is not without chameleons, collaborators, and splitters.  Japanese politicians are typically a useless class.  Essentially slaves seeking small power gains by enslaving others.  The worst kind of snake.

Perhaps at one time there might have been politicians from noble class but old Japanese books tell old tales similar to those in old American books.  

Remnants of bushido are rare.  What remains to fill the halls and palaces built to self-aggrandized princelings is what Americans call “snake oil salesman”.

Photo: Japanese “snake oil salesmen” peddling disinformation that Masako Ganaha is a Moonie.

Today, the poison de jeur in the Japanese oligarch class are false allegations of belonging to the Moonies
Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a mentally disturbed boy who posed with Che Guevara prints and professed a love of Marxism.  And since then, snake oil has been peddled upon an ignorant public. 

Deceivers peddled the notion that the assassin’s mother was ruined by a religious group from Korea.  Ironically, many of these deceivers screaming for anyone in power be removed if they talked to a Moonie are the same ones who criticized Japanese who said that Japanese politics was too beholden to Korean special interests on issues like comfort women, North Korean schools in Japan, and Yakuza links to Korean crime organizations.  Suddenly, the deceivers want us to forget Moonies are a Korean front group.  Ultranationalist to its core.

Make no mistake.  The Moonies, or Unification Church, is a religion that is very Korean centric, even as it was founded by the KCIA, the Korean CIA, which itself at the time and even now, maybe a puppet organization to the American CIA. 

The Korean religious group was created by intelligence services to first stop the spread of North Korean influence in South Korean rural areas.  Later, with much funding, to divert Japanese into a pro-Korean attitude, emotionally casting Korea as kind of “Asian Israel” to entice American Christians into the fold who were trying to find a new identity in a world gone mad during the 60s and 70s. 

According to US Government records, the Moonies were in part dreamed up by the director of the KCIA, Kim Chong Pil, “as a political tool in 1961 according to a US House Investigating Committee on the influence of the Unification Church on the US Government.  In 1978, the US government was worried about the Korean influence on American politicians.  Apparently, they didn’t pay as much as the Chinese to keep the press and Congress quiet.  So Congress decided to investigate.  Lesson learned for future foreign influence agents. 

Earlier, a CIA report stated that “Kim Chong Pil organized the Unification Church while he was director of the R.O.K. Central Intelligence Agency, and has been using the church, which has a membership. . . as a political tool.”   The New York Times noted in a March 16, 1987 special section that “Many of the documents were intended to confirm allegations that the South Korean Government, under the personal direction of President Park Chung Hee, with the Korean Government, came in organized and overt and covert lobby in 1970 directed at Congress and American officials.” 

In short, the Moonies are a Korean version of Sokka Gakkai.

Moonies continued to lobby and influence the American government through the 1980s and even today.  Much of the comfort women disinformation campaign was supported by the Moonies, who were able to influence otherwise intelligent US politicians. 

The Washington Times, owned by Moonies, printed over 30 articles promoting the comfort women disinformation program, falsely propagating that Japan kidnapped hundreds of thousands of Korean women and used them as sex slaves.  This “conservative” groups South Korean disinformation campaign is Ironic, since it benefitted the CCP, Japan Communists, and North Korea.  But the Moonies had long abandoned their earlier hostile opposition to North Korea.  Instead, over time, they profess a cooperative means of unifying the Korean peninsula and dominating Japan in the process.[1]  Various “Peace” organizations have popped up to promote their messaging.

One of these organizations, as recently as a few months ago, managed to attract Newt Gingrich, Admiral/Ambassador Harry Harris, and former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to a Unification Conference.  The very organization promoting the comfort women information deception, and many other snake oils regarding the history of Japan and Korea, has the ear of American politicians across the spectrum. 

The main Moonie Group is Chameleonic, dancing with the left as much as with the right.

As one example recently, Josette Sheeran is a name most people would not recognize unless they are in a position of power in the UN, US, Haiti, etcetera.  Sheeran has been a full member of the main Unification Church for over 20 years. 

Sheeran was Vice Chairman of World Economic Forum.  The WEF that attempts to enslave and murder billions. 

Josette Sheeran was also the managing editor at the Moonie owned Washington Times.  The same paper that spread more than 30 disinformation pieces about comfort women and Japan.  The comfort women information operation is a fascinating attack on US-Korea-Japan relations that only a few people see through.  Practically everyone takes this information ‘jab’ at face value and becomes a spreader of the disinformation virus.  Washington Times, New York Times, and mainstream in general, are superspreaders of an information campaign designed to split US-Korea-Japan.  Divide and destroy. 

This campaign was amplified by same Sheeran who is CEO of the Asia Society promoting a subservient Japan, and continues to promote the Asian blood libel of comfort women.

This likely is counterintuitive to folks who have not focused on this seemingly backwater information flow. 

During 1970s and 80s, there were many so called “conservative” groups who were actually only interested in gaining power by “opposing” communism.  They were not truly anti-communist, meaning they believed individuals should be free.  Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Naziism are Authoritarian cousins opposed to liberty that modern Japan and America were founded on, or at least aspired to.  These fake conservatives continued to build on the authoritarian ecosystem set up by Wilson and fortified by FDR.  Slowly bringing the structures in America more and more in line with the very communist structures they said they opposed.

Instead, the Authoritarian ecosystem used the Cold War to consolidate power.  When the Wall fell and Tiananmen Square was still smoldering, George Bush Sr did nothing to combat authoritarian thought-locomotives.  [2]

Instead, Bush Sr. allowed the ember to burn and now the conflagration threatens our world today.  Son of Bush used the threat of terrorism to gain more powers over free peoples.  They both were publicly paraded as “conservatives”. 

Far from it. 

Bush Jr. and Sr. had more in common with Clinton and Obama than Ulysses S Grant and Abraham Lincoln.  The same holds true for the Moonie Church.  Their sole focus was always to promote an ultra-nationalist South Korea, highly racist, and now Unified vision of Korea.  More inline with “Christian Fascism” than freedom.  Moonies easily can shift to supporting Socialism, Fascism, or the Han version of Naziism if it brings them power.

In 2012, Sun Myung Moon’s son split from the main church and founded a charismatic movement in Pennsylvania.  This movement was completely focused on a gun culture. 

This sect broke from the main church in one fundamental truth:  That Korea was the new or “real” Israel. 

For the younger Moon, it was America, and the values of the Constitution, the new covenant with the creator.  He seems to have internalized the propaganda that his father’s generation used to gain power in the US during the 1970s and 1980s.  The younger Moon might or might not understand the back room dealings, or formation of the church.  Whether he is genuine in his belief, or perhaps like his father appears as an act to gain access to the high-tension lines of power and influence, time will tell.  He is not still part of the main Moonie Church, especially those groups operating in Japan.

This brings us to the Obvious Question.  Why would authentic Japanese conservatives promote or deal with an organization created to dominate Japan and spread disinformation about Japan?

One wonders how the Obvious Question isn’t raised.  If the Japanese LDP is beholden to two organizations that are designed to destroy Japanese culture and Shinto religion (Moonies and Sokka Gakkai), how can they by any stretch be seen as “conservative” or deeply Japanese to the core?

Bigger question still, how can anyone who says Moonies must depart politics not say the same for the multitude of other pro-Korean and pro CCP groups in politics including those influencing CCP shills like Komeito.  This indicates that Japanese politics is heavily influenced by Koreans and CCP.  Many patriotic Japanese have warned about this for years. [3]

Perhaps we never will learn what actual quid pro quo there is between an ultra-nationalist Korean intelligence front organization that promotes the comfort women disinformation campaign, and the Japanese “conservative” party that supposedly fights the comfort women deniers looks like.  We can say the accusations of “Moonie associate” have sprung up and are being used as the new “Witch” or “Jew” accusation to create a McCarthyite paradigm against anyone and everyone regardless of actual evidence. 

“Don’t touch her.  She’s got cooties.” “Cooties” is an old British word for the lice that spread epidemic typhus that wiped out much of Napoleon’s Army in Russia.  And a lot more.  Cooties loaded with the bacteria that causes typhus are heat-seeking bullets.  Very deadly.   Very spready.  Very cootie. 

American children all learn to play the cooties game.  During times of epidemic typhus, adults better remember their childhood game and play it for real.

Blacklisting via a “cooties-innuendo” and false allegations is alive in Japan today.  Even when evidence is clear the opposite may be true. 

Take case of Masako Ganaha.  A certified pureblood.  The strongest drink she takes is tea.  The small Samurai woman walking and flying around Japan refusing to wear a slave mask or to pollute her family blood with fake vaccines.

Her family proudly notes their descendant from a Samurai family in Okinawa, the Shinto faith, and steadfast truth that Okinawa is part of Japan and has been since the early Tokugawa period under the Satsuma han.  CCP information operations are working to convince Okinawans they are Chinese. 

The information operation pushes Okinawans to speak an old dialect, teaching that Okinawans are mistreated by “Japanese,” and that the American forces must leave Okinawa and Japan. 

Meanwhile, Masako Ganaha has for years openly championed that US forces stay in Japan, and that Okinawa is 100% Japanese.  And that Japanese men need to man-up and stop leaving this fight to women.  Women who seem to be the only people left in Japan with a Bushido code, the men having long ago agreed to slavery.

As teenagers, Masako and her siblings had a choice of becoming exchange students in many countries.  All three chose United States.  Masako ended up in California and Ohio.

When Masako flew to Switzerland to confront United Nations during hearings, they cut off her microphone.  YouTube censors her account.

Masako left behind her safety and comfort to travel the world in some very inhospitable and dangerous areas in order to conduct ground fact-finding before making her reports. 

Masako is a strong opponent of comfort women deniers who attempted to parrot the Moonie line that they were sex slaves and Korea was brutalized by design a Japanese occupation. 

Despite her solid record of opposing the Moonie snake oil, Japanese “Conservatives”, some I know personally, are attempting to slander Masako by stating she is connected to the Moonies.  Stay away from Masako, she has Moonie-cooties. 

When confronted, none of the accusers have presented a sliver of evidence that Masako has Moonie-cooties.  The accusers are causing splitting.  Our team has numerous times been warned that Masako has Moonie-cooties.  We checked.  A lot.  No speck was found.  Because believe me…we don’t want cooties.

Tossing dangerous accusations can be like tossing hand grenades upstairs.  We made numerous offers to accusers to show the evidence. 

Hand over some of the cooties.  We have microscope.  He-said she-said is not evidence.  Statements such as “numerous LDP know that Masako Ganaha has Moonie connections” is not evidence. 

One of those accusers is Yoko Mada.  AKA “Random Yoko” on twitter.  Behind the scenes, every opportunity was offered to either present evidence, or correction.  Response from Yoko has been aggressive.  Only Yoko knows the reason for her corrosive, time-wasting accusations.  Yoko’s word-grenades have bounced back to the bottom of the steps.

Photo: Random Yoko from her YouTube Channel spreads the lie that Masako is a Moonie.
And now the grenade has bounced back down the stairs and exploded on the accusers.  They were offered numerous opportunities to show evidence and did not.  And in fact fell into the normal pattern when people are caught.  Threats, allegations, blah blah, but no evidence.

Vacant accusations have not brought light onto the accusers, the Splitters.  Are they running information operations, or perhaps are simply jealous of Masako’s growing work-based success?  Her ability to interview just about anyone.  Masako was asked to translate Candace Owen’s book into Japanese and did so.  This is normal day-to-day work.

Our team did a background check on Masako.  I took the warnings seriously and it took months before I agreed to meet Masako.  And now the truth has revealed itself.  False allegations were made that were damaging to Masako and wasted a great deal of our time.  Other than we figured out that Masako is probably the most sincere fighter in Japan. 

Masako posted clear refutation of the comfort women denialist propaganda in Glendale and San Francisco when we were there. 

If Masako was a Moonie, they would have brought her in to force recantation. 

Photo: William D Lay, Comfort Women Historical Denier and lawyer to Moonie Organizations. From board of directors website.

Compare her writing and discussion on Japan and Korea with the disinformation the Moonies put out officially.  Better still look at what one of the spreaders of disinformation, William D Lay, a Board of Directors at a Moonie “think tank” organization publishes denialist claims about the comfort women issue, using debunked claims of Yoshimi Yoshiaki as his “proof”

Masako is a Shinto practitioner.  Despite having schooled in the US, and over a year of travel with various (non-Moonie) Christians such as to Armenia, she maintains her belief in the ancient Japanese religion.  Moonies are forbidden from Shinto practice.

Despite repeated calls to show evidence, none have done so.  Even one item, such as a photo of Moonie Baptism, or her name on a Moonie roster, or trashing a Shinto Shrine, or a high school paper on why bases in Okinawa are bad.  Not one shred of evidence.  Yet they will say “they heard” or that “other people don’t like her so….”.

These “Conservatives” or “Patriots” that attempt to declare guilty by feeling, are no better than the comfort women deniers in Korea, Beijing, Glendale and San Fransisco.  Worse…because these Japanese should know better.

For years we heard from these very people how the world and America was not looking  at the evidence about Japan and the history with Korea.  For years our team agreed evidence must be evaluated on it’s own and in context.  Some will say Koreans tend to promote the Japanese as “arrogant” to Americans in order to persuade Americans to believe the lies.  Now the very Japanese who complained about this technique use it against one of their best fighters against the WEF, Moonies, CCP, and communist and fascist infiltrators.

A house divided.

When the Japanese falsely label Masako as a “Moonie” not only are they discrediting themselves perhaps irreversibly, but are attacking one of the few who has impact on the American and global mind about Japan.  Masako has met and discussed topics about Japan with very influential American and European leaders and influencers.  She has promoted Japan and the US at every opportunity.  I would say she is almost naively pro-American at this point.

Even more interesting is that Masako actually promoted those who attacked her and asked to just let this slide.  I am old school American, I will not let this slide.

For those Japanese whom she defended at great burden sometimes to turn around and attack her in the most duplicitous and cowardly way imaginable, is disgusting. 

Very powerful groups are in the final phases of calculated and evil program of enslaving the world in a neo-fascism that no one will be spared from.  An engineered famine is already in the works.  Information is no longer power, information is life.  False information can lead to death.

Masako Ganaha is not a Moonie.  Moonies are like Sokka Gakkai.  Get rid of both and get real conservative Japanese politicians in.  Get rid of the puppets of the “left” and “right” and get real Japanese leaders in the Diet and local governor seats.   

Now more than ever, the real fighters and patriots need to be united not divided. 

Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

[1] Some people attempt to point to the Japanese chapter of the early Moonie funded World Anti Communist League as proof that the Moonies supported Japanese nationalism.  However, Moon himself quickly distanced his church from the Japanese WACL calling them “fascist” in 1975.  He continued to fund other groups opposed to Russian domination until the end of the Cold War, when the focus shifted to an authoritarian globalist view in line with the WEF and other neofascist groups.  Moon also continued to propagandize that Korea was the new Israel and Japan had played the role of the “brutal Roman occupier”, later he went so far as to attempt to parallel Koreans and Jews by claiming similar suffering under the Japanese as the Jews suffered under the Nazis. 

[2] When Yeltsin wanted to open the former Soviet archives and provide evidence for communist war crimes and crimes against humanity in a proposed international tribunal, Bush Sr. did not support those efforts.

[3] “A key element of political warfare is the dissemination of propaganda. The most effective target audiences for foreign propaganda are the political elites of the targeted country, since they exercise power and can make policy decisions that directly affect CCP interests. These channels are also often the most difficult to definitively analyze and uncover, given caution and sensitivities over the matter. The strongest pro-China political faction in Japan’s political system has historically been the Tanaka/Takeshita faction of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). However, the influence of this faction has been significantly marginalized over the years. Other political groups that may be more susceptible to being influenced by the CCP for either ideological reasons, or for economic and political rationales, are: the religious movement-based Komeito, which is part of the ruling-LDP coalition; pacifist factions within the LDP; and powerful factions within the opposition coalition headed by Ichirō Ozawa.”

Michael Yon

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  1. Thank you for casting a clear bright light around these endless murky corridors. Michael Yon’s grasp of the subject is impressive. And yes, long live brave Masako!

  2. Immense kudos to Masako for standing for her country, personal freedom, and global liberty in the face of all this persecution. I spent 6 wks in Japan in 1983 and loved its essence, samurai, temples, gardens, tea rituals, and most of all their appreciation of every person, whether sweeper of gardens or prime minister. It is a wonderful culture with much to teach the west.

    Sadly we know now that the Bushes were not protectors of this nation, nor can we trust Mike Pompeo and others, who seem to have gone rogue, to work toward upholding national identity and independence. It seems we can’t trust many!

    Masako reminds me of Joan of Arc, or the prophetess and judge Deborah of the Bible, who led the people into battle when Barak, the man selected by God, wouldn’t. (Judges 4-5)

    Though Masako may face many obstacles and be slandered now, she will be recognized as a true leader and samurai warrior, defender of her country and her people before this is over! She has my total respect and admiration.

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