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Memorial Day, and War Continues

30 May 2022
Austin, Texas
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

I’ve decided to take Memorial Day alone. Been taking a walk thinking of all the incredible Men and Women who gave all for America. So many.

And war goes on. Now is the time for all Real Americans to stand in the breach.

The latest stampede is over the horrific massacre in Uvalde. We must address the incredible number of drugs being pumped through American veins to understand what if any effect these chemicals have on the “mody” : Mind and Body.

And there is the justifiable demand for a timeline and detailed investigation of what happened. The incredible time delays in neutralizing the murderer, clearing the scene and getting wounded to hospitals.

These delays also happen in combat.

I’ve seen unneeded delays many times in combat, such as the Afghanistan morning when my tent mate, Chazray Clark, walked ahead of me into an enemy-controlled village. We had come in by helicopter and quickly entered the village. Chazray was ahead of me, up the file, we were using night vision. Bombs all around us. We would soon learn.

Chazray stepped on a bomb.

The bomb ripped off an arm, and both Chazray’s legs.

MEDEVAC would not land until Apache gunship support got there, leaving us exposed with wounded on an LZ and my tent mate screaming. I was making video when Soldiers and I were complaining about the delays. Chazray was screaming. The Golden Hour ticking away. The enemy would be assembling to attack. We waited on the landing zone for a helicopter that would not come until an Apache could get there. Chazray was bleeding. Daylight approaching. Taliban would surely hit us soon and even shoot down the helicopter. Speed is essential. Waiting for backup gives the enemy more time for you to require backup. Go, go, go!

Every golden minute the wounded bled and we burned OODA.

As with Uvalde, it’s very important to quickly neutralize and clear the scene. Uvalde could have been a complex attack with multiple separate targets. There is inherent combat error in dwelling on any task that can quickly be resolved. Had there been several attacks at separate schools in Uvalde — al Qaeda and other Islamic and Leftists terrorists constantly make complex attacks — you just don’t have time. Wounded are bleeding and your forces are focused and pulled away.

We all know that US law enforcement has no duty to protect citizens. That’s just not reality. We are on our own.

I know our heroes above know that many of us are still here on the ground fighting the good fight. Rest in Peace. See you on the other side.

And here on the ground, when wounded are bleeding, all seconds count:

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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