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Netherlands Atmospheric — funny

19 July 2022
The Hague, Netherlands
Mind dump, sans edit

I walked into a coffee shop and ordered a sandwich. The barista said she cannot make a sandwich. It’s too hot and the waffle-machine creates heat. And she said they are closing in 30 minutes. Closing at 4PM.

Looks like most of the town is closed. I asked what’s up? Looked over my shoulders for Godzilla or something. Why is everyone closed down?

She said it’s too hot.
I asked what is too hot? The weather? You closing due to this? This is comfortable in the shade. We got a breeze.

She said much of the public transportation is closed. The ice cream place has a line so long you’d think they are on food line.

I said I didn’t even notice the weather. (I did not actually notice…remember I just came from Mexico).

Barista lady fanned herself, practically panting. I ordered a large, hot coffee. She couldn’t believe it.

And to be sure, I really should not be drinking coffee after 2PM due to caffeine, but I got a lot of work to do. People waiting on stuff. And I must prepare for Jordan Peterson interview tomorrow.

During the wars, we were doing serious combat missions wearing full body armor in weather hotter than this. To be sure, it sucks. But highly doable.

I do not know how they will survive without winter heat and summer cool. This weather really is not stressful at all if you just take it easy, do your shade discipline, and swill the water.

Shade discipline — during hot weather, always take any sliver of shade when you can get it. Standing in sunlight during very hot weather drains your bio-battery. Standing in even a sliver of shade slows the drain. If I could take even one or two minutes of shade I would go get it. Take any shade you can get even for short periods. Adds up. Big difference. Taliban knew this and hid bombs in shady areas.


Michael Yon

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  1. You’ve been in Texas/Mexico, not so hot for you. They’re not used to this in northern Europe. The weather forecast is that it will cool off there on Friday.

  2. Wow!!! We need to tell people to stay in shade… still, wtf?

  3. There are actual, real wars going on in the world right now…and the “world’s foremost war correspondent” is writing about paninis in The Hague. Gotcha.

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