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Netherlands: Cause of Disturbance

03 July 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands

None of this is about nitrogen, CO2, or any of The Cult’s other global warming bullshit. The Cult is attempting to rebrand Global Warming to Climate Change. The Cult narrative has fallen apart. Eventually, The Cult will do another remake and try to force a new language.

Fight for every word. Do not let The Cult rebrand invaders and illegal aliens to “migrants”. They are not. Those who cross our borders illegally are not migrants, a word with a specific connotation. They are invaders and illegal aliens.

Yesterday, I saw a message from Germany that The Cult is pushing the agenda that at age of 14, children should have the autonomous choice to change their sex pieces and first name, and spend the rest of their lives pretending to be something they never were and never will be. I bring this up due to the fact this is a cult trick.

The cult trick works like this: we start complaining and screaming and fighting EACH OTHER over this, while the cult puppeteers continue to encroach. Arguing about these specific cases — whether it be sex change for children or nitrogen or CO2 — is like screaming and complaining about fires and sniper attacks instead of hunting down and neutralizing the arsonists and snipers.

We can complain and whine and cry about the fires and daily sniper attacks until we all are dead, or we can direct our energies directly at the WEF and other globalists, communists/progressives, and neutralize them using strongly worded love letters.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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