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Netherlands: Farmers, Truckers, Fishermen, Bikers…more: Fighting The Davos Kult

04 July 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mind Dump

The serious people of the world increasingly recognize that the cabal of evil including Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are the Hitlers and Stalins of this semi-modern world. Comparison to Hitler and Stalin in no way implies a ‘violation’ of Godwin’s Law.

If anything, Hitler and Stalin may end as minor historical figures compared to what is unfolding.

It’s time to stop taking the bait and talking about the bullshit Global Warming scam and information war, the sex changes, pronouns, masking, death-vaxxines, idiots taking a knee as Kult salute, the terrorists of Black Lives Matter, and drug-addlers of ANTIFA, who all do bidding for evil psychopaths such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. All that is not the topic.

When you have arson…you hunt arsonists. If you spend your life fighting fires (policy in this case), you will lose never realizing you had to neutralize the arsonist or he would burn down the earth.

Stop fighting the policy.

Fight the people using these policies to commit global genocide through fake vaxxines, starvation, war, and disease. Those same people pus invaders across our borders.

Who warned you about potential famines continuously since January 2020? Most of my readers see it now, and a long time ago. The average citizen still seems mostly oblivious — like Do Do Birds. Honking around like baby seals while the Schwabs and Gates of the Kult club their heads.

Notice before January 2020, I never warned other than occasionally saying be a prepper or be prepared. But since January 2020 I have warned no less than 3,000 times about the coming famines.

The famines will come. The math is the math. More mouths than meals. And famine creates famine.

This growing resistance in Holland, Germany, and more, is late — and they are attacking the policy instead of the people who are intentionally doing this to commit genocide and forever control digital money, food supply, communications, and every breath we take they will be watching us.

Imagine Gates and Kult owning most food production. They can add any chemical they like to the cricket meatballs.

The things we are seeing now in the Netherlands are nothing compared to the wars and starvation of 2023-24. Nothing. Dutch inflation exploding while some people believe Turkish is already over 70%.

Countries are lining up to go Full Weimar.

This thing will collapse and go kinetic.

Farmers are protesting policy on nitrogen or some other bullshit. None of that matters. Don’t even waste time studying that. The details about soil and all that are decoys. Aim for the people doing this. Stop talking about Nitrogen and CO2. All irrelevant.

Greenhouse gasses? Carbon credits? I don’t want to hear about it. Irrelevant. Anyone who tries to enforce “carbon neutrality” is an enemy. Stop arguing. Neutralize them. Fire them. Don’t take their calls. Foil their every move.

Governments will float the idea of seizing farmland and opening to others. This is an old communist trick both Stalin and Mao used. Hitler did similar. If you kill Jews, you can take their stuff. If you agree that Dutch Farmers are bad, you can have their property. (Later the Kults kill these useful idiots and take all the wealth.)

I’ve been monitoring Dutch farmer radio comms this morning. They started assembling at — arguably — about 0300. Some became impatient and wanted to go forward before assembly was complete. And so if you are on the streets here you may see packets of farm vehicles spread all over.

The farmers, fishermen, and truckers, are our profound allies. But fighting the policy at this point…we are way beyond mere policy change. This is Global 1848.

The Kult of Davos is open, they want Revolution. “Build Back Better” is their battle cry. Now they are in the Destroy phase.

At this point, there is no way to stop a cascade of Revolutions. The question is — who will win?

This is not about policy. This is about meat. Not cows. Someone will win and clear the table. There will be no participation trophies. If the Authoritarians win, Losers will die in massive numbers, their pockets emptied, their children killed or enslaved. Authoritarian-psychopaths vanquish their enemies with finality.

Authoritarians are not invincible. They are highly vulnerable. The bones of bullies, dictators, and psychopaths litter the earth.

I’ve got to get into the field.

Costs to be here doing this is at least 600 Euros per day. (This ain’t Mexico). Please hit the button hard. Thank you:

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.


  1. The people who are behind the NWO/Great Reset/globalist totalitarianism are the SAME PEOPLE Hitler wanted OUT of Germany, you history-ignorant dunce

    • Schwab = His dad worked for the Nazi Party. Wants to redeem his fathers’ “lost cause” in the modern world.
      Soros = HE worked for the Nazi Party and military against Jews.

      “Dan the Dunce” strikes again. Go read a book. The Lansing library has a few if they haven’t burned them to support CRT.

      • Klaus Schwab is a Jew. His father was a Jew. He did NOT “work for the Nazi party.” All this BS has been extensively debunked.
        Also Soros is a Jew. He did NOT “work for the Nazi party and military against Jews.” Not at all. He was a 14-yr-old boy, trapped behind enemy lines, pretending to be white, and he helped inventory the goods of some Jews a few times. That’s the extent of what he did.

        You really, really need to learn some actual, true history, man…

        • Wrong.

          Schwab’s father was a Nazi. Eugen Wilhelm Schwab. A member of the Nazi party. And under the German racial purity law enacted before Claus was born in 1938, if the father was Jewish, both he and Claus would be sent to camps. His father was a wealthy industrialist who supported the Nazis and joined the party willingly. He later migrated to Brazil and continued to support racist states like South Africa illegally. His son inherited his Nazi worldview about fewer people and more nature.

          As for Soros being a poor kid trapped behind the lines…Soros NEVER repented or regretted his actions, even in his 1990s interview for CBS when asked point blank. He had no regrets. That isn’t a Jew who did things when he was scared or forced. That is a person who enjoyed the power and associates with the group that gave him that power.

          Both are Nazis.

          WEF follows the Nazi theories espoused by another Schwab (not related but a big Nazi writer) combined with the Red Cardinals Liberation Theology (Catholic NOT Jewish). Nazi.

          Don’t buy books from leftists, they try to whitewash Soros and Schwabs past.

  2. You write great articles! I live in the Netherlands and I’m hoping and praying that maybe THIS idiocy could be the thing that opens up people’s eyes… this country is SO sound asleep… so awfully hypnotized…
    A lot of farmers are awakened up to a certain point, and that doesn’t really matter… the most important thing is that they are waking up.. the rest of the process will hopefully follow.
    Farmers are truly fed up.
    All across where I live I see upside down flags (an ancient signal that the one flying that flag is in distress.. or, more globally right now… that the country is in distress)
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Watched you at Epoch, Joshua Phillips, awesome work.

    • Thank you!

  4. It’s great to see someone else who’s able to see through all the shiny distractions and willing to shed light onto the reality of what we are facing. Like you I’ve been watching the puzzle pieces all being snapped into place. The manipulation of data to fit their narrative, the complete control of media, ultimately confusing and dividing people. Every distraction is manufactured to lead us into a wilderness of mirrors. Amazing that this sociopathic agenda was all laid out years ago in “Tragedy and Hope” but it seems not enough of us are listening. Keep up the good fight for truth.

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