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Netherlands: Incredible Laws in the Works

12 July 2022
Den Haag, Netherlands
Mind dump

The Netherlands is going Full Dictator. Lawfare is in the works now to allow Mayors to kick Dutch citizens out of their homes to be replaced by alien invaders from the Middle East and Africa or to force Dutch citizens to allow invaders to stay in their homes. Room and board.

According to Farmers and others I speak with, rapes and crimes have exploded since the invasion. Dutch children are hardly seen alone on the streets, even in villages. Parents are afraid to let the children out of their sight.

Yesterday, I asked a Dutchman where are the kids? Why are the streets mostly empty of children, even in the villages? The Dutchman said kidnappers and rapists drive up in vans and snatch the children. He said this hardly hits the news and that rapes and murders happen every day.

This famous photograph is from the Dutch famine, the Hongerwinter 1944-45. Caused by Nazis. People would carry spoons around because they never knew when they might need the spoon to eat. I read similar about spoons during Mao’s famines. Hongerwinter ended when allies invaded and killed back the Nazis. That’s how you beat Nazis. They are an armed cult and must be killed, or they feed you head first into ovens.

Famines are coming. Probably to Europe. And with these millions of invaders being given preference and carte blanche…this is a classic Replacement Strategy such as that which Stalin used during the Holodomor famine in Ukraine.

This is World War III. Hybrid warfare includes Lawfare, Migration Warfare, Information Warfare like never before, Famine Warfare, Pandemic Warfare, Economic Warfare, and ultimately kinetic war.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Thank you, Michael. Just because they cannot find it in their Baron de Jomini does not mean that the enemies aren’t already inside our cities. Jomini’s goal was to frame war so that it could be fought effectively and ethically, under an assumption that both sides had a common more-or-less Christian ethic by which to limit their war, and were primarily interested in control of the geography (thus front lines, rear areas, movement and maneuvers around the chartroom maps).

    In this fight, neither one applies to the globalists nor to the would-be caliphates of Islamic conquest.

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