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President Zelenksy Fawns over the Canadian Dictator

Things should be called by their proper names.

“Leaders” who “lead” by dictate are dictators.

While Zelensky fawns over Dictator Trudeau…in a cowardly move, the American Dictator pushed Poland to deliver combat aircraft to Ukraine. Attempting to use Poland as a stalking horse. A shield. An obvious cut-out.

Poland is a NATO member.

This appears to be an obvious and direct attempt to push Russia to attack Poland. Casus belli for the United States and other NATO members to make direct attacks on Russia and Russians.

Meanwhile, Americans have openly called for the assassination of Dictator Vladimir Putin.

Stolen elections have consequences. Idiots, dictators, and warmongers have their hands on nuclear weapons.

This war was manufactured from the ground up. This is an elective war of provocation.

Results are unpredictable other than in general terms. For instance, famines later this year. Likely in Africa and other places. Economies collapsing. Mass migrations. Mass migrations create war and pandemics.

Western borders will be overrun even as economies collapse. All of these conditions are manmade and intentional.

Read: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is tied to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and other global elites at


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