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Secretary Mayorkas Misrepresents his Panama Trip

19 April 2022
Darien Province, Panama
Mind dump.

Mayorkas account tweets that he toured Darien Gap. He did not go to Darien Gap. I was here. I watched him land in 4x Blackhawks at 1249 yesterday. I saw him in the camp. I watched him take off in 3x Blackhawks. The 4th Blackhawk took off hours later. I saw it take off. Mayorkas came to Darien Province, where I am now. The difference between Darien Province outside of the Gap vs. inside the Gap is immense. With 20 minutes more flight he could have been over the Gap. I go into the Gap often.

Mayorkas landed at a military airstrip surrounded by cattle ranches. We are far outside the jungle here.

This is a misrepresentation of his trip and experiences. The United States under this administration is increasing the flow of migrants through Darien Gap and into the United States, causing massive deaths in the Gap. Thousands of people are dying in the Gap.


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