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Significant: Drone Attack on KSA

Houthis claim drone attack on KSA.

More attacks on The House of Saud just in time for the F1 race. Biden sucked up to Iran while both Iran and Biden attack American interests in Saudi Arabia by delisting Houthis from the terror list. Another attack on America by the globalists and their serf-traitors, the Biden Crime Family.

Direct Attack on the US dollar.

All of these actions in context, such as pushing the despots in Russia to invade the despots in Ukraine — Ukrainians despots are in bed with America’s #1 Crack Addict and his family — and massive sanctions on Russia that are a direct attack on global fuel and food supplies, are a direct attack on the US dollar. Said with fewer words: Biden is attacking the US dollar and economy. Not to mention borders.

It’s only a matter of time before Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, or someone else in the neighborhood, gets hold of serious nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

Tribal war with atomic weapons.

Overshadowed only by atomic jihad in Pakistan facing atomic Shiva of India.

  1. The cornered genocide-Bear of Russia.
  2. The nuke-monkeys of North Korea.
  3. A Woke America commanded by insane psychopaths who literally might nuke other Americans in the future.

More, such as atomic David of Israel — if David actually has nukes —so easily brainwashed that they actually brag about being over 90% ‘vaxxed.’ And China, busy doing genocide on Uighurs. The Global Famines will create perfect conditions for plausible deniability.

There will surely be a global reset.

Read more at CNBC.



Michael Yon

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  1. Poroshenko and Zelensky were both elected by the people of Ukraine. Zelensky has taken war measures to corral the 5th column, but Ukraine is quite far from being a despotism. It’s worse than silly to even imply it is.

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