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Tsunami of Positive Progress from US Supreme Court

05 July 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pressure continues to build for a highly kinetic Civil War. A handful of wise Americans on the Supreme Court, including Clarance Thomas who takes beatings like Rocky but stays in the ring, are providing vital pressure releases by returning to the Constitution and its intent.

Recent decisions from the Supreme Court provide an off-ramp from Civil War. I am not giving up on avoiding civil war. We can still avoid a terribly kinetic civil war but at this stage, this will be difficult. If we succeed, it will be a matter of snatching meat from wolves.

This Supreme Court is helping to avert catastrophe. It’s not too late —the clock is nearly run out. This year, as food and economy collapse, I expect violence to go vertical and have been saying so for a long time.

You may recall a long while back I weighted August 2022 as a likely inflection point, and at the latest Thanksgiving 2022. The Global famines of 2023-2024 will almost certainly be so massive they will be difficult to account for.

American Patriots already have had enough of watching America be destroyed while “good men did nothing.” There is no such good man who does nothing during these times. “Good men” who do nothing are not good men. They are males. Go get your male-nails done. Men have work to do and will have dirt under their nails.

We are strengthened for the gift of Patriots such as the wisemen Justice Clarence Thomas, and Dr. Zelenko. May Dr. Zelenko rest in peace after finishing the race with honor and leaving a positive imprint in his wake.

The excellent Josh Philipp says it better than I:

Michael Yon

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  1. When they decide to start confiscating legally owned self-defense tools via the recent citizen control legislation made possible by 14 Republican traitors things are going to kick into high gear fast. Just my opinion. YMMV.

  2. I fear the peacekeepers. UN/DHS. DHS has already swarmed our area for over a year, masquerading as PG&E subs “inspecting” poles and trees on private properties in our rural ranching community.

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