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Journalists Killed, Wounded

Editorial Note: This is not a new group of casualties but more information from my previous post here.

Separately, journalist Brent Renaud was killed in another incident.

There will be more. On a per-capita basis, I believe war correspondent work is more dangerous than soldiering. I cannot back this up but looks pretty obvious from war zones.

Some hints:

  1. Checkpoints are extremely dangerous. Night or day. Especially so at night.
  2. Nobody knows or cares you are a journalist
  3. Stay away from tanks and armor that you are not riding in. Nothing good happens around armor. They spend half the time getting shot at, have the time running over “crunchies” (you), and the other half the time shooting next to your head. (Time goes slower in combat, so you live much more in a shorter time.)
  4. Stay away from people with RPGs and other weapons with back blasts. Trust me.
  5. Stay away from fuel depots
  6. Don’t text from Ukraine to people in Russia. Even if it’s to your girlfriend.
  7.  If you raised your hand to fly to Ukraine to fight for their ‘freedom’ (dumb), make sure to call a lawyer first to plan your defense. If you get wounded you will be forgotten. If you die, nobody will notice unless it’s politically useful. If Russians take you hostage, good luck.
  8.  If you are a journalist going in search of ‘truth,’ only a small percentage of viewers care about facts. Most have picked aside. In reality, these are battling mafias.
  9. The far bigger issue is global economic catastrophe and wild famines brewing.

Nothing good will come from this war.

Unless you sell weapons or are one of the mafia kings. Our Southern border is being invaded. The United States is moving toward civil war. Ukraine is not our war.

Rest in Peace.

Read more from The Associated Press.



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