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Volunteer Meat Shield? See a Lawyer First

Flying to war. The adventure and stupidity of it all!

If your mind is set, I will not try to talk you out. But a few safety tips.

  • You are on your own. Big Boy and Big Girl rules are in full force. Pay on the spot for all mistakes in cash or blood.
  • Likely you will not be able to get insurance or pay for it. I used to pay several thousand per month in insurance. I don’t remember exact cost but was almost as expensive as my sat-comm bills.
  • Unless you have significant military experience and combat experience, you have no idea what you are doing. Sort of like, “Hey! Let’s go climb Mount Everest this weekend!”
  • See a lawyer. If you go into real fighting, there is a high chance you will be involved something called “Crimes Against Humanity,” “War Crimes,” or just run-of-the-mill felonies. And guess what…if you witness a war crime and do not report it, you are a war criminal. So, if your buddies make video executing Russians, or accidentally shooting innocents, the tides may turn when years from now those images surface.
  • If you get hurt, and Ukrainians are hurt around you…Ukrainians will be treated first. You will go to end of triage line. That’s normal. Nothing personal.
  • Photograph all the Americans and send to Andy Ngo. Might be ANTIFA.
  • Absolutely everything you record, send, receive, and where your phones go, is being recorded and analyzed in real time. No government is needed to track you. Many private companies can do this very quickly. Every step you take, every breath you take…
  • You are nothing to Ukrainians. Enemy-meat to Russians. And nothing to the US government.

If you want to see combat, that will be simple to arrange. It’s cruel out there. Men often cry to their mothers while dying. Words like, “Momma, I love you. Tell my kids I love them. I’m dead.” Remember that?

If you see enough combat, you will hear men say such things. Or they will hear you. And you will be forgotten in a cold, foreign land.

Read more from The Associated Press: Foreign fighters in Ukraine await weapons in chaos of war 



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  1. I’m not sure whether you’re joking about (6), but to anyone else inclined to take it seriously – please don’t!

    Firstly, it’s inconceivable that antifa would have the balls to go to an actual combat zone. As Matt Thornton pointed out, they’re just LARPers without any actual courage or skills.

    More importantly there are obvious persec and opsec issues and, regardless of your political leanings, be aware that media celebrities of any stripe are not to be trusted. Ever.

    Additionally, many of the foreign legion fighters may be breaking their own country’s laws by being there, so trying to preserve their anonymity, while probably futile, is courteous.

    • Jay — ANTIFA definitely head to war zones such as Syria, and I saw some in Hong Kong.

      • I didn’t notice any when I was in Hong Kong, although maybe I didn’t see them.

        Serious question – do you have any evidence for antifa being in either Hong Kong or Ukraine?

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