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The Sinai Desert

Our colleague Chuck Holton of The Hot Zone is spending time on the Egypt Peninsula. Here, he sets the scene for Israel’s journey from Egypt to Mt. Sanai and takes a look at local surroundings  Take a few minutes to learn more about the story he is working on.

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  1. I prefer to believe the Biblical account of the Exodus as God was there and you weren’t. Exodus is allegorical about how Jesus will come again to deliver His people from horror and oppression of the Antichrist in the Last Days. You may be able to deceive some who are not strong in the faith. The devil always uses deceit to sew doubt in God’s word.

  2. There was not “Exodus” from Egypt. The land of milk and honey was not where they claim. Palestine was a barren desert at that time. Yemen was wealthy and green. The Jews were in Yemen. The geography of their trek and the place names correspond with places along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. Jericho never had a wall. There are no walled cities in Palestine. It all happened in Yemen.

    The Ancient Egyptians were meticulous about documenting their history. When the climate changed and Palestine reverted to desert, the Egyptians abandoned it. An ancient Egyptian brewery was found in the centre of Tel Aviv. It predates this climate change. Look it up.

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