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GraceTime TV: PANFAWAR, Dutch Resistance, Farmer Revolt

Air Date July 6, 2022

Michael Yon on GraceTime TV. Why the Dutch Farmer Resistance has global effects.

Michael talks from the Netherlands with Mary Grace of GraceTime TV covering the current situation in the Netherland Resistance, the effect it will have on the PANFAWAR-caused Pandemic, and why it is important for Americans to understand what effect it will have on increased Human Osmotic Pressure and the increase in Migrant invasions.

The Dutch Resistance against global cult confiscation of land.  This is critical for Americans to understand.  What happens in Europe and Sri Lanka will eventually be seen in the US.  The multi-front campaign to reduce the global population by seizing food supply, land, and energy is in full effect.  No longer a conspiracy theory, the Cult of Davos and their collaborators are creating a number of global “kill shots” in the PANFAWAR cycle that Americans and allies need to be aware of.  People are about to pay the price.  The time to prepare is almost over.

IMPORTANT:  Read Rape of the Mind to understand the process of how the Cult of Davos and other authoritarian regimes use populations to walk blindly into their own enslavement and death.  

The Dutch Resistance against global cult confiscation of land.

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