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Important Interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson

31 July 2022
Somewhere, Holland

If you have not watched my interview with Jordan Peterson, please do.

I misspoke at one point early on. I said cowardice is courage, etc. My intent was to say Courage is Contagious, and Cowardice is Contagious. Spread courage.

Taking that a step more, behavior is contagious. Variously reframed such as “Man who live with cripple soon learn to limp.” Man who lives around strong people…gets stronger. Blue states smoke and create weakness. Thus Blue creates Osmotic Pressure to Red. Blue is parasitic to Red. Blue works to infect Red with Blue. Blue is weakness and illness. Be Red Pilled.
Separately, thank you for all who support my work. I do not have the big budget of New York Times who can afford many things thanks to their sponsors. Who are their sponsors? I’m very curious how I will afford this as the famines set in. I’ll figure that out as the new realities emerge. As for now, cash still works and I need it. Europe ain’t cheap. None of this is cheap. Many methods of support. Thank you!

Please make sure to watch and share my important interview with Dr. Peterson. Sharing links is valuable support for everyone:

Michael Yon

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  1. Intuition is just as important as facts and science. I intuitively knew not to get the vax, despite the fact I was called a conspiracy theorist. Intuition has been a part of man’s survival. The wise will survive. Facts and science mean nothing right now.

  2. Can you comment on the importance of intuition as opposed to science and facts?

    I believe intuition is very high right now in individuals. And intuition, historically, is part of our survival as human beings.

    I intuitively knew not to take the vaccine. In fact, I intuitively have refused pharmaceuticals for most of my life. That was going against the “science” and “facts” that you speak of and it was correct.

    Also, conspiracy theories in regard to what’s happening in the world right now have proven over and over to be true.

    I’m confused as to both of bias in this interview in regards to both intuition and conspiracy theories.

    I’m an admirer of yours. Stay safe.

  3. one of the best and most important podcasts i’ve listened to in a long time.
    there’s a reason Jefferson stated “life liberty and the pursuit of property.” without land ownership and self sustainability (i.e. FARMS) there is NO FREEDOM.

    • Thank you!

  4. Hello, Michael.

    Fantastic interview with fellow CDN, Jordan Peterson. I want to learn more regarding the influx of people into Panana from many nations, who make their way up through Central America, and then cross the border into the U.S. The figure you estimated in May of those who crossed illegally into the U.S. was over 300K. To me, that sounds like a quiet subversion. An invasion and destablization, if you will.

    • It is very much an invasion.

  5. Thank you for this, I’ve published here in NZ on my blog, where we fight the same fight for our liberties and way of life. Our farmers are being plundered and raped too. Our summer February Parliament Grounds convoy and protest was 100% inspired by Canada. It was magnificent but then got brutally crushed by police. Ardern is Trudeau’s twin brother in spirit. Evil.

    • Keep up the effort, Olivia. Freedom-lovers around the globe must link arms and keyboards.

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