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Interview in Epoch Times: Setting the Table for Famine

The energy crisis, food shortages, and our ongoing illegal immigration disaster.

“These famines that are building are biblical,” Michael Yon says. “I don’t use that word lightly. At this rate, the Bible is going to need a new chapter. It’s really that serious.”

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Btw Michael what in gods name is going on with all the food processing plants burning down? So many burnt down in the past year or so…….Are they doing this intentionally? Or just insanely stupid management of some sort?

  2. I’m prepped . Gold silver ammo cash stored food freeze dryer, freezers , wood stove generator body armor night vision 9575 sat phone with one yr prepaid, dehydrator , $1000’s of stuff from wal mart North 40 Shields murdocks sportsman’s , EV
    BICYCLE andREGULAR, kerosene lamps , stored NG, canisters …lots of stiff one sees on prepper site’s such as health ranger – green beret’s…

    just sold gorgeous property in Libby after fleeing California October 2021. The above is the east part, the hard part is being alone single gal RN who is learning to shoot my guns and hopefully become a fisherman hunter . But beyond healthcare cooking cleaning gardening I am a novice with guns and lousy with tools and now I’m over 55. The hard part is is the most important part of survival : belong to a trusted small community of family friends NEIGHBORS WITH COMS who will work with me together . I am vulnerable alone. Afraid to rebuy home property alive rural which will be as dangerous for me alone as being in the burbs or city . Compounding the above is that Montanans are OD’d on newbies arriving in the tens of thousands escaping g west and east coast tyranny. Montanans are looking for friending new settlers . Very tough to become one of a trusted community . My only hope is to marry into a group who my man is an integral part of . My skills aren’t canning salt in processing fresh kills yet. Expert snow skier ex racer PSIA ski patrol and bareboat captain sailboats to 40 feet . WSI in high school , still a jockette. Anyone know and survival grow networks I can join communes . I love Montana – never want to leave but if grand Solar min and food crisis is around corner , I best get to Crawford county Missouri or Appalachian area around Sieverville Knoxville . I have relatives in Texas but the govt has a nasty target on the Texas star these days …geo- engineering it’s weather Dane Wigington

    Contact me through farmers only susie44 ; or WaterThruSun on Mike Adams’

    I have been a huge fan of Michael ton since Bannon starred him in Texas border in 2020. Glad Mike Adams has finally discovered Michael Yon.

    But no home property to plant . Sold Libby after breakins and fears of not being connected , safe, husbandless. Moved to other side of Divide Montana June 2022. I love love love Montana .

    • Susie, you sound like a fantastic person, I’m Patrick in Vero beach FL, even if we never meet, would love to tell you about my dreams of destruction of the US, that started over 8 yrs, ago when I was working as an RN, at a level one trauma hospital in PHX, the US will be destroyed, from within, be financial collapse, then from without. 316-708-5284

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