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06 January 2021: Massive Day has Begun — Epic History Unfolding

Time now 0547, Washington, D.C.

I’ve been up since 0300 preparing for this day. Georgia seems to have gone to Democrats. Meanwhile, last night, dozens of pro-Democracy Hong Kongers were arrested while I was having dinner with a Hong Kong expert. John Batchelor and Gordon Chang immediately contacted me about an interview today regarding this crime against humanity. I will be on the ground here in D.C., and so when I do this interview please excuse any background news. When I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, sometimes literal firefights would break out while I was doing interviews. Hope that does not happen here today.

Tons of Proud Boys here. Many are staying in my hotel. Wearing body armor and so forth. Last night they were in front of the White House on “Black Lives Matter Plaza” shouting “fxxx ANTIFA, and fxxx Black Lives Matter.”

Despite having been to many hundreds of rallies and protests, I am terrible at predicting crowd sizes. I think today will be big, but my guesses on this are — well, I am probably right about 51% of the time. However, I am very good at predicting violence. My estimate: 90% chance of significant violence within next 21 hours.

Vice President Mike Pence will make a decision today that will define his life. I was recently invited to his residence, and to the White House. Not a big deal. Just Christmas stuff, not private meetings.

VP Mike Pence — this is it. Take a giant Red Pill, or a bottle full of Blue Pills.

Thank you for your financial support. I need this massively. This stuff ain’t cheap. I’ll wear my helmet today.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.

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