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Big Guns

Normal Canon catches cannon firing with a small charge.  When the cannons are firing at close targets, they use small charges that are not bright, such as this one.  But when they are firing maybe 20 miles away, the fireball is massive compared to this.

The illumination drifts down under parachute and the gun can be seen moving as the soldier take a different aim.  Soldiers don’t call their rifles “guns,” but they call the cannons guns.  Rifles are called either “rifle,” “weapon,” “M4” (or whatever model it is),  but not “gun.”

Normal camera. Normal camera.  To the right, the modified camera is on a tripod and it also has an IR modified flash.  I never use a normal flash in Iraq or Afghanistan, though the IR modified flash is fine for on base. Normal From the normal box of chocolates.

From the IR box of chocolates.  You just never know what you will get with night photography.

The gun was moved while the shutter was open.  Notice with the modified camera that the stars are a little fuzzy.

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