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Chinese and Russian Information War Backfires: “China’s Leaders Confront an Unlikely Foe: Ardent Young Communists”


The New York Times article linked at the bottom discussing the Chinese backfire is worth a slow, quiet read.

But first, Yuri Bezmenov, the famous KGB defector, talks about this problem during his interview:

Yuri is worth watching start to end. I have published him numerous times.

Best to watch Yuri’s entire interview. This is important.

Please pay special attention starting at about the 3-minute mark. Some fireworks start at about the 4-minute mark when Yuri explains how social justice warriors who were useful tools become liabilities for liquidation.

In the United States, wildcat organizations such as mindless feminists and some eco-activists who create so much useful havoc now, would later be liquidated by their handlers when their usefulness runs out. Nobody likes them. They are useful tools. When their value is spent, they have a choice. Shut up or pay.

Yuri is a Russian talking about their information operations. Russians are masters with few equals.

Chinese are easily their equals if not even much better. Chinese are genius at information war.

But Chinese still make many mistakes that we can exploit, or that just backfire by their own hand. They are genius but in a limited sense. We can beat them.
Russians used their tools and disposed of them. Chinese have a long history of doing same:

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