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Darien Gap is a Gaping Hole

Darien Gap is a Gaping Hole

22 April 2022
Darien Province, Panama
Mind dump, Sans Edit

Just returned from another day in the exceedingly malarial jungle of Darien Gap. I’ve been very busy taking the famous Ben Bergquam to places white people don’t often see. Or any people, for that matter. Deep into Darien Gap tracking migrants.

Sam Faddis nails it with his attached article

The “Controlled Flow” program created by United States between Panama and Costa Rica has become well-oiled invasion route.

Based on what I am seeing this trip, my sense is that traffic through Panama will at least double by next year. Especially so as the coming famines create extreme HOP: Human Osmotic Pressure.

Last year, the journey might take a week or more to depart the Darien Gap jungle and make it to Costa Rica before heading north to America. Today, in April 2022, a migrant can emerge from the jungle and get to Costa Rica in 48 hours.
Thank you for your support. These malarial jungles are dangerous, expensive to traverse, and this is of vital importance to the future of the United States.

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