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Dispatch 42: Dark Winter: Departing D.C. for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Punching out of DC on short notice to Harrisburg, capital city of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is a key opening battleground in this war gathering around us.

Hours ago, a “Stop the Steal” rally was announced in Harrisburg. Within minutes of my hearing this, I cancelled today’s appointments and began packing for a bull run to Harrisburg.

After Harrisburg, I may circle back to DC, or steam to different emerging battleground. To be determined.

I spent many hours these last days at the Black Lives Matter Plaza in front of the White House. You must have seen by now some of the many battles that have unfolded there. Just a day ago about six people were stabbed a block from where I write these words. Others were attacked by fists and bats.

IMG 1486

IMG 1487

IMG 1488

IMG 1488

IMG 1490

IMG 1491

Joe Biden warned during the last debate, “We’re about to go into a dark winter.” To put it lightly.

We stand a great line of departure that no American has seen. Ever. A combination of revolutionary and civil war.

We do not live in a global vacuum. Great enemies await great moments of opportunity.

There is still precious time to avert this. Very little. I see few possible ways out, and no probably ways out.

IMG 1492 1

IMG 1493

IMG 1494

Now, to reiterate what I began saying publicly in January: stock up on food, medicines, and other supplies. Invest in resilience. Get to know your neighbors when appropriate.

Think through a situation without 911. No food resupply. No running water. Whatever we inflict upon ourselves as a country, we always must be prepared for surprises, and the semi-scheduled hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and so forth. Mother Nature never stands in line.

That dark winter has begun. Be strong. Be a leader.

Note: the photos attached were of signs found yesterday in a restaurant close to the Black Lives Plaza near me in Washington, D.C.

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