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Edvard Munch in the Marijuana Patch



Grasses to the left, sweet grapes to the right.


We arrive into a compound.


Though it’s dark still, the normal camera vacuums in the light.  Soldiers from 4-4Cav take a break while others clear ahead.


Bomb dog was worn out.


Soldiers pushed to the roof for security.  (My laptop battery is fading.)


4-4Cav Commander LTC Mike Katona, on his fifth combat tour, checks out a bike.  Afghans use these small bikes to go just about anywhere.  Some bikes come to Afghanistan in crates from China and are assembled in small shops.


Afghan leaders poring over a map before sunrise.


As we prepared to leave the first compound. Lieutenant Sarah Levy noticed “The Screamer” in the mud wall.  After LT Levy pointed it out, others saw it.  It was as if the ghost of Edvard Munch was alive here in depths of Afghanistan.

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