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Even as the World Watched III: Getting Hit to Get the Shot

Bullets fly fast

The hotel let journalists recharge batteries.

Before it closed, Dusit Thani kept doors chained and were blacked out at night, but restaurants still were open inside.

Parking lot of Dusit Thani as bullets are snapping by on 14 May.  This guy seemed like he had done this before.  He didn’t run from bullets, but didn’t smile.  Men who have not see much combat often will smile broadly during their first encounters, especially when the bullets are close enough to call it combat but far enough away that you don’t feel like you are actually going to get hit.  When you seriously feel like you are going to get hit, you stop smiling.  After combat with heavy results you never smile again during combat.  You just do your job, if you are still able.

Noppatjak still smiling.

Lots of people were getting in on the action, including former massage parlor king Chuwit Kamolvisit who showed up with a video just before some shooting.

And there was even a cameraman for Chuwit Kamolvisit.

One agitator even said not to film despite that dozens of cameras were around.  His efforts were fruitless.

One of the infamous “Men in Black” (wearing “Army” vest) singled out that guy with camera, said something and came back across the street.

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